Post Spring Football Depth Chart

When the Post Spring Depth Chart was released by Florida it caused a few eyebrows to be raised, with unfamiliar names sitting atop key positions and known quantities behind them. It brings one certain thing to light for the football season and that is: come fall practice many jobs will be open for some serious competition. Here is a look at the depth chart going into the fall with analysis of each position.

Let's begin with the one with the most changes and that is the offense:

QUARTERBACK: Rex Grossman, Ingle Martin. Walk-on Jeff Creveling and Incoming Freshman Patrick Dosh and Gavin Dickey.

Comment: Grossman may win the Heisman but Ingle Martin was the talk of the spring. He was a major concern at the beginning of spring but as his confidence grew so did his ability to guide the offense. It was thought that the two freshmen would have a great chance at the number two job but now it appears they will have to be spectacular to unseat Martin. He still has a ways to go but at least he has shown he is a competitor. Keep an eye on Dickey; with the way the Gators are recruiting quarterbacks this spring if he struggles could he switch positions?

Best Camp Battle: Ingle Martin vs. Gavin Dickey.

RUNNING BACKS: Earnest Graham, Ran Carthon, Willie Green, and Incoming Freshmen Ciatrick Fason, Deshawn Wynn and Jimtavis Walker..

Comment: The best one two punch in the conference in Earnest Graham and Ran Carthon must stay healthy. If they don't a freshmen may be needed to fill in. Willie Green is still battling swelling of the knee on occasions and also seems a little uncomfortable in the one back shotgun offense. Graham did a great job of catching the ball in the spring. Look for at least one of the freshman to play this year.  My guess would be Ciatrick Fason.

Best Camp Battle: Willie Green vs Ciatrick Fason.

WIDE RECEIVER: 1. Taylor Jacobs, Matt Jackson 2.OJ Small, Carlos Perez 3.Reggie Vickers, Kelvin Kight, Antoine Sharp. Incoming Freshmen Dallas Baker, Reggie Lewis, Kenneth Tookes, Jemalle Cornelius.

Comment: The known commodity is Taylor Jacobs but what about Perez and Kight? Carlos Perez was banged up all spring but he earned toughness points with the new staff for continuing to play. Unfortunately, he struggled because of his hurt heal. Kelvin Kight really disappointed. Vickers who was inconsistent had a big spring game and expect that to be a battle in the fall. Perez should overtake Small and look for Dallas Baker to get into the mix as well. The freshmen could likely battle into the rotation if guys don't improve over the summer. Keep an eye on cornerback Vernell Brown who would be dynamic at receiver if they need him. This could be a first week fall practice decision based on the progress of the unit.

Best Camp Battle: Vickers vs. Kight.

OFFENISVE LINE: Starters (Left to Right): Max Starks, Shannon Snell, Mike Degory,J ohnathan Colon, Mo Mitchell. Backups (Left to Right): Bobby Williams, Steven Bell, Dewayne Dubose, Ron Dowdy, Lance Butler. Third team: Chad Tidwell at LG, David Jorgensen at C and Jonathan Marvin at RG. Also Jonathan Lively will play center. Don't expect freshmen to contribute this fall.

Comment: What a mess this was at the beginning of the spring. Guys were moving around positions trying to block a difficult defense and they really struggled. The unit did finish strong and one of the reasons was the development of Mike Degory. He is physical and tough at the center position and even though Jorgensen is listed third he may have his work cut out for him. The new scheme requires more movement for the offensive lineman so expect Starks, Snell and Mitchell to come in lighter for fall camp than what they are listed at right now. Ron Dowdy and Lance Butler were nice surprises at the backup positions. Left side depth is a big question mark behind Starks and Snell.

Best Camp Battle: (Maybe the best battle in the SEC) Mike Degory vs David Jorgensen

TIGHT END: Aaron Walker, Ben Troupe

Comment: Coach Zaunbrecher loves Walker's ability to move, block and catch. He was a nice weapon addition to the offense in the spring. Troupe struggled with the new offense.

Best Camp Battle: Aaron Walker vs Ben Troupe.

Defense: Not as much controversy on this side of the ball because of two reasons: 1.The unit returns a lot of starters from the best defense in the SEC a year ago. 2. Coach Thompson wanst to play a lot of players during the game.

DEFENSIVE LINE:  1st Team DE's- Bobby McCray, Marcus Oquendo-Johnson; Backup DE's- Darrell Lee, Clint Mitchell, Sylvester Mcgrew; Rotation DT's: Ton Lafavor, Bryan Savelio, Chris Reynolds and NT: Ian Scott, Arpedge Rolle. Others include: Kenny Parker, who could play at DT; Freshmen: Ray McDonald, Steven Harris, and Tauren Charles.

Comment: Believe this, the defensive line is the deepest unit on the team. McCray is a star and Oquendo-Johnson provide a

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