Basketball Depth Chart

Recently, we looked at the football depth chart, now lets take a look at the basketball chart with the news about Orien Greene transferring and Brett Nelson forgoing the NBA Draft now final. Included are some comments on why Orien Greene left UF (was is just because of academics?), what the starting line-up could look like, and a look at the backups and the kind of role they will play.

First and foremost the word is that Orien Greene left on his own accord and for his own benefit. He did not leave because of grade problems or because Coach Donovan did not want him. He was bothered by the way the season ended, including not starting in the Creighton game and then of course the five second call. Orien was kind of a methodical, "slow paced " guy and that was not always good for this team. He also realizes that the incoming talent may cut his minutes.  Add all that up and that is a big reason as to why he will transfer.

Brett Nelson decided to stay for his senior season and not only enhance his NBA stock but also benefit from the fact that for the first time in his career he will have a true point guard (Justin Hamilton) on the court with him.

This year's depth chart could look like this: Justin Hamilton at the #1, Brett Nelson at the #2, James White at the #3, Matt Bonner at the #4 and David Lee at the #5. Behind them could be: Anthony Roberson at the #1, Rashid Al-Kaleem at the #2, Matt Walsh at #3, Adrian Moss at the #4 and Bonnell Colas at the #5.This leaves Mario Boggan at the #5 and he will play, as well as walk-on Ronnie King and LaDarius Halton.

One possible scenario would be to move Hamilton to the #3 spot for his defense and athleticism, especially with young guys on the court. If James White wants to be the guy at the #3 spot he must be more serious about his play at the defensive end. Bonner is a better fit at the #4 because of the outside/inside game he can bring to the table. Obviously he could play the #5 if need be. This guard rotation will allow Nelson to settle into one position for 30 minutes a night and should make him an All-American.

Can the freshmen deliver right away? That is the big question.  Roberson being at the point could be a big strength for Florida. If White plays like he did a year ago (I don't expect that) Hamilton could pick up minutes from him at the #3. Hamilton is still the best defender on the team. What the Gators will miss next year is Orien's anticipation in the press, which was his strength, and obviously they will miss the post moves of Udonis Haslem.

I look for this team to become more unified this off-season by doing more together. It will be up to the freshmen to fall in line with the rest of the squad. Keep an eye on Adrian Moss, he has really physically developed and could be a real lunch pale guy at the #4 or # 5 spots. October is a long ways a way but this depth chart is really starting to rival the one of 2000...and we know how much fun that season was.

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