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<B>WIN A FREE SUBSCRIPTION TO</B><BR> How would you like to WIN a free UFI subscription for the next three months? It's real easy. Just read the following and participate everyday.<BR> Thursday's winner - <B>turn1200</b>! Congrats! We will run the contest once again later this summer.

Would you like a free, three month subscription to Just participate in our contest and you could be one of our five weekly winners. Here are the rules... has three message board forums - the Premium Forum, the Orange and Blue Forum and the Gator Opponents Forum. This contest will ONLY take place on the Orange and Blue Forum.

Each day, Monday thru Friday, we will select the BEST post of the day on the Orange and Blue Forum. It could be about anything... Gator football, basketball, recruiting, world events, FSU, schedules, polls, etc. The only thing that will get you disqualified is flaming.

The post of the day will win a free, three month subscription to UFI. Each Saturday, we will select the best of the five posts of the day, and that winner will win a free, year subscription to UFI.

In additon, your name and post will be added to the GREAT GATOR WALL below. We will also give away extra prizes including tickets to some Gator home games this season.

If you are a current subscriber to UFI and you win, the free subscription will be added to your existing subscription. Lets have some fun and help UFI build the GREAT GATOR WALL!

If you are not registered to participate in our open forums, register by clicking here. It will take less than a minute.

Good luck!

The Great Gator Wall
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