RECRUITING: Dustin Doe Very Solid For Florida

The electricity in The Swamp a couple of weeks ago was at a new level of intensity for the annual Florida-Florida State game. Shortly after the game, I got a phone call telling me that several recruits had committed to the Gators in the Florida locker room after the game, one of whom was Dustin Doe of Live Oak (FL) Suwannee. He committed to the Gators back during the summer, but he was so caught up in the excitement and intensity that he had to do it again.

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Doe is a 6-0, 209-pound linebacker who plays with a big heart and an equally big chip on his shoulder. When he plays, there is no question that he is the most hyped and excited player on the field. Apparently, he was at a game-level of excitement on the Florida sideline that night. According to Doe, he was feeding off the crowd.

"I was on my feet the entire game and showing people what it was all about," Doe said. "That was the type of program I want to be a part of and I can see myself doing that in the next few years. Yes sir, I gave them the Gator chomp. I couldn't leave The Swamp without doing that."

There has been a constant stream of rumors from a certain website in north Florida citing "sources" that Doe will waver on his Florida commitment. Of course Doe was on hand to witness the beat down that occurred to the very team that he is "rumored" to be considering but from his actions and words, I don't think Gator fans have anything to be worried about. Apparently, Dustin Doe was one of the most excited people in the Florida locker room after that 34-7 trashing of FSU.

"I was amped up after the game and during the game," he said. "It was pretty exciting. Usually the recruits sit down and enjoy the game, but that was a great ball game. Everyone was hyped during it and amped up about it, it just ended up carrying over to after the game."

On Wednesday of this week, Florida's Co-Defensive Coordinator and Linebacker Coach Charlie Strong visited Doe at his school. They talked about Doe's recent inclusion to the Florida- California all-star game roster and how Doe will fit in Florida's future plans.

"Coach Strong was at my school today," Doe said. "He talked about a few recruits they got in. He talked a little about the defense and the role I would play next year. They want me to come in and possibly play on special teams. If I develop as they think I will, I should be projected behind Earl Everett at weak side linebacker."

He has Florida's defense at it swarming best and he can envision himself as a part of that unit. He loves the discipline the Gators showed on the field against FSU. He thinks his style of play is comparable to one of Florida's best players.

"They were very good, they were disciplined and kept their composure," he said. "That is one thing I really liked, they were very disciplined. I like the way Brandon (Siler) plays. He is always crunk and getting everyone else crunk and is the heart of the defense. I really like his style of play. He is really explosive and lets everyone know he is there. His other teammates feed off of his adrenaline and that's the type of player I like to be."

A key factor in his decision to be a Gator is the Florida coaching staff. The Gators took a very even keep approach when recruiting Doe and it paid off.

"I like Coach Strong," Doe said. "He doesn't come off as a hyper coach but a coach that will get on you when he coaches. He lets you know that he is serious. Every now and then he gets worked up but for the most part he is calm. He looks you in the eyes when you are talking to him. He gives you respect and makes you want to give it back.

"Coach (Urban) Meyer is one of those active coaches. He gets his respect by being a part of the team and not just the head coach. He is a part of the team, very verbal. He lets you know he is the head guy in charge. I like that."

He has one official visit set up and that is all he plans on taking through the process. He will officially visit Gainesville and the Gators on the big recruiting weekend near the end of January.

"I am coming in for an official for January 20th," he said. "It's the only visit I am taking anywhere."

When Florida first got a commitment from Dustin "Duke" Doe, he was fairly unheralded. He's proved this past season that he can play with the best which is why he will be on the Florida team for the Florida-California game. Make no mistake about it, he's Gator through and through.

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