Gator Country's 2005 All-SEC Football Team

Gator Country’s annual All-SEC Team selections have traditionally been the work of you, our loyal members. Since, we figured the boards would provide plenty of debate, we decided that it might be an excellent time for the alternative.

In an effort to spice things up a bit, we enlisted the help of our faithful Southeastern Conference publishing brethren and/or their writers, to select the team representing the best conference in college football. Yes, best overall conference. Now, that statement might just get me a step closer to the top of the “to be sued” list by a certain entity in Tallahassee, who will be doing all of the Christmas shopping last minute. This person is far too busy dropping those committed to the Gators from four and five stars to two.

We’ve added some components that should prove helpful help in situations for our team. Offensively, we added a fullback for blocking purposes when the defensive coordinator sends the troops and the push in short yardage is needed. We also have a tight end for those wonderful goal line situations and to open things up a bit when they focus on the running game and wide receivers.

There were only three offensive players who were selected unanimously. Those were Florida center Mike Degory, LSU tackle Andrew Whitworth, and Auburn running back Kenny Irons. There were several players who were one vote away from the unanimous category.

The starting group are all seniors who average a whopping 6-6 328, and would be perfectly willing to have starting quarterback Jay Cutler (Vanderbilt) spring for dinner. Cutler was another one of those players who missed being a unanimous selection by one vote. After carving up the Florida secondary, he earned my vote.

The running backs come courtesy of The Heart of Dixie. The Crimson Tide sent junior Ken Darby, while Kenny Irons arrived from The Plains. Our fullback will be big bruiser LeRon McClain of the Crimson and White. Young reserves Darren McFadden and Rafael Little certainly will garner plenty of attention next season. McFadden was edged by Darby by a single vote. D.J. Shockley gets the nod as our reserve quarterback. Georgia was not the same team without him pulling the trigger. Our reserve fullback is Florida’s Billy Latso, who was an outstanding blocker and receiver for the Gators once they found it necessary to insert him into the offense.

The biggest surprises during the 2005 season came from a pair of freshmen receivers. While nobody doubted their ability and athleticism did anybody predict they would outperform many of those already established? Both Earl Bennett (Vanderbilt) and Sidney Rice (South Carolina) missed being unanimously selected to the team by two votes. Florida’s Chad Jackson was a unanimous selection. Leonard (Go straight to the NFL) Pope was also a near unanimous choice. Vanderbilt’s Dustin Dunning was easily the second team player.

(BOLD indicates starter. Italics indicates a reserve player. $=unanimous selection, *=Near unanimous selection)


Mike Degory $ 6-6 304 Sr. Florida

Max Jean-Gilles * 6-4 340 Sr. Georgia

Marcus McNeill * 6-9 338 Sr. Auburn

Andrew Whitworth $ 6-7 322 Sr. LSU

Aaron Sears 6-4 338 Sr. Tennessee

Tim Duckworth 6-4 315 Jr. Auburn

Randy Hand 6-6 310 Sr. Florida

Daniel Inman 6-7 328 Jr. Georgia

Matt McCutchan 6-3 295 Sr. Kentucky

Brian Stamper 6’5 295 Jr. Vanderbilt


Leonard Pope (TE) * 6-7 250 Jr. Georgia

Chad Jackson * 6-1 205 Jr. Florida

Earl Bennett 5-11 195 Fr. Vanderbilt

Sidney Rice 6-4 191 RFr. South Carolina

Dustin Dunning (TE) 6’5 250 Sr. Vanderbilt

Dwayne Bowe 6-3 217 Jr. LSU

Dallas Baker 6-3 204 Sr. Florida

Tyrone Prothro 5-8 178 Jr. Alabama


Jay Cutler * 6-4 225 Sr. Vanderbilt

LeRon' McClain 6-1 256 Sr. Alabama

Kenny Irons $ 5-11 202 Jr. Auburn

Kenneth Darby 5-11 205 Jr. Alabama

D.J. Shockley 6-1 206 Sr. Georgia

Billy Latsko (FB) 5-10 230 Jr. Florida

Darren McFadden 6-2 201 Fr. Arkansas

Rafael Little 5-11 195 So. Kentucky


Defensively, only two players were unanimous selections, while five others just missed the honor. A pair of LSU Tigers will man the tackles positions. Offensive line coaches will have a much more relaxing holiday knowing that they won’t have to prepare for Kyle Williams and Claude Wroten next season. The same can’t be said for Florida’s Marcus Thomas, who earned the second team honor. Big Jesse Mahelona was the other choice for the reserve All-SEC honor.

There was a battle at defensive end. Willie Evans and Quintin Moses finished with the most votes. However, there was a three way tie between Florida’s Jeremy Mincey, Tennessee’s Parys Haralson, and Alabama’s Mark Anderson for the reserve spots. There is plenty of room under our cap and always a roster spot available.

Only two linebackers stood out in this vote, with Ole MissPatrick Willis getting the nod as a unanimous selection. Willis and Bama’s DeMeco Ryan were the top two vote getters. Arkansas’ Sam Olajubutu edged out Vanderbilt’s Moses Osemwegie by a single vote for the final spot on the first unit. Brandon Siler missed the first unit by three votes.

Tim Jennings (Georgia) was the unanimous selection at cornerback. After that, things really got complicated. Votes came in for six different corners, with one barely emerging for the opposite spot. South Carolina’s Johnathan Joseph was the worthy recipient. Three others tied to lock down a spot on the second unit, including Carolina’s Fred Bennett and Florida’s Vernell Brown and Dee Webb.

We included a nickel package for additional coverage. It allowed us to move LaRon Landry to the first unit. He is very deserving and secured a lot of votes along the way. Ko Simpson led the vote getters on the second unit. Muhammad Abdullah and Jarvis Herring tied with the fifth place votes. The nickel came in handy. Besides, having a few extra defensive backs available for special teams duty is hardly a bad thing.


Kyle Williams * 6-2 295 Sr. LSU

Claude Wroten * 6-3 290 Sr. LSU

Willie Evans 6-2 270 Sr. Mississippi State

Quintin Moses 6-5 248 Jr. Georgia

Jesse Mahelona 6-2 297 Sr. Tennessee

Marcus Thomas 6-3 285 Jr. Florida

Jeremy Mincey # 6-4 265 Sr. Florida

Mark Anderson # 6-5 253 Sr. Alabama

Parys Haralson # 6-2 248 Sr. Tennessee


Patrick Willis $ 6-2 230 Jr. Ole Miss

DeMeco Ryan * 6-2 232 Sr. Alabama

Sam Olajubutu 5-9 227 Jr. Arkansas

Moses Osemwegie 6-0 230 Sr. Vanderbilt

Brandon Siler 6-2 239 So. Florida

Ali Highsmith 6-1 226 So. LSU


Tim Jennings (CB) $ 5-8 178 Sr. Georgia

Johnathan Joseph (CB) 5-11 188 Jr. South Carolina

Greg Blue (SS) * 6-2 214 Sr. Georgia

Roman Harper (FS) * 6-1 200 Sr. Alabama

LaRon Landry (N) 6-2 204 Jr. LSU

Fred Bennett (CB) 6-2 186 So. South Carolina

Dee Webb (CB) # 5-11 190 Jr. Florida

Vernell Brown (CB) # 5-8 165 Sr. Florida

Ko Simpson (SS) 6-1 201 So. South Carolina

Muhammad Abdullah (FS) 6-0 205 Sr. Kentucky

Jarvis Herring (N) 5-11 205 Sr. Florida


Kody Bliss (P) $ 5-10 183 Jr. Auburn

Gordon Ely-Kelso (P) 6-2 234 Jr. Georgia

Brandon Coutu (PK) 6-0 197 So. Georgia

Chris Hetland (PK) 6-0 185 Jr. Florida

Punt Returners

Rafael Little 5-11 195 So. Kentucky

Skyler Green 5-10 185 Sr. LSU

Kick Returners

Felix Jones 6-0 195 Fr. Arkansas

Draak Davis 5-7 186 Sr. Kentucky

Devin Aromashodu 6-2 204 Sr. Auburn

Lucas Taylor 5-10 168 Fr. Tennessee

We’d like to thank the publishers and writers for their help in selecting this team. They added some wonderful insight and a few write-in votes that came in very handy down the stretch. We think that you’ll agree- this would make for quite an imposing team should the corporate brass at Fox Sports opt to purchase a team in Los Angeles or Orlando. By simply drafting the All-SEC team in Round One, the franchise would be off to great start. Until next December…

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