Recruitniks are a fickle bunch. Sometimes they can get so caught up in who is about to commit, that they can sometimes lose track of who has already committed. That hasn't been the case this year with Florida fans and Damien Williams, and we're going to do our little part to make sure it stays that way.

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Williams was featured on FSN South's Countdown to Signing Day on Wednesday, and the CSD crew went to Springdale, Arkansas to gather video for the show.

Maybe the most impressive highlight of the night was Williams' hit on a receiver. That's right, a hit. He is known for being a receiver, but he plays defensive back as well.

In one of the best shots you'll see all year, ScoutTV and Countdown to Signing Day presents you with Damien Williams.

"The Hit" is at the end of the clip. What fun would it be if we didn't show you Williams' touchdowns first?

#1 WR/DB Damian Williams
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