RECRUITING: Hornsby Chat Transcript

Here's our chat transcript from last night's chat with US Army All-American WR Jamar Hornsby in which over 260 folks particpated.

Ryan Jordan:: Alright I've got Jamar on the phone and were ready for questions.....

afghan67:: Ask Jamar who else he thinks will join this class?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Hopefully we get some more defensive players. The big LB Brandon Spikes out of North Carolina I believe. I talked to Sam Young recently and he's looking at Florida too."

DoctorF:: Jamar, what number will you wear at UF?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Hopefully I can get #7 down there."

GATORSSWAGGER:: Jamar- Welcome to the gator nation. We're pumped up and ready to get the #1 class in UF history on the field. Which position do you want to play at UF....Safety or WR???

Jamar Hornsby:: "I'll play wherever I can get on the field first but I prefer receiver."

frankthetanklives:: Who are you trying to recruit the hardest?

Jamar Hornsby:: "I was working on Tebow and I got him so him Jarrod, Jaque and Brandon.. I got them already."
Jamar Hornsby:: "It's always good to have some players you know coming in with you."

blissgator:: Jamar, how is your injury coming along?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Actually I get my surgery on Monday and the doctor says it's not as bad as he thought it was. I have full range of motion."

GatorPrincess8:: what was it about florida and meyer that sealed the deal?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Oh man, Coach Meyer he had to be the coach that recruited me the hardest out of any coach in America. he made every visit, and every call."

BrowardCoGator:: Jamar, are you helping recruit Harvin? Do you think he will be a Gator?

Jamar Hornsby:: "I'll be happy to recruit Percy Harvin. Coach has been telling me to call him. I met him at the UT game."

BrowardCoGator:: Jamar, how did it feel to finally get the much deserved Army invite?

Jamar Hornsby:: "I was very thankful for the Army invite. I want to attend it but I know I probably won't get to. It was still an honor to be selected."

DoctorF:: Jamar, how will you fend off the girls in Gainesville?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Im not even gonna try to fend off the girls. I'm not even gonna try.."

ManCityFan:: How and when did TT tell you of his choice?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Tim never told me anything. He had me guessing me too. He told me it was Florida/Alabama and nothing else."

afghan67:: Jamar - How does it feel to be the guy that started the recruiting avalanche to florida this last month? A lot of guys must think a lot of you.

Jamar Hornsby:: "That does feel pretty good. I had a write up in the newspaper about how Jamar Hornsby sparks commits. It felt real good."

romanrish:: I think it is awesome that you can play both ways. Which roll do you see yourself playing in our O do you want to be more of a possesion reciever(Baker) or would you rather be our go-to guy(Jackson) Or our blazer(Caldwell)?

Jamar Hornsby:: "It really doesn't matter where I fit in. I just want the ball in my hands."

DoctorF:: Jamar, what aspect of your receiving game do you think is best and what do you need to work on? Jamar Hornsby:: "I think I need to work a lot more on blocking because that's what makes a receiver. I'm a downfield type receiver. I'm good on fades, posts and deep outs"

Meagator:: Did any schools engage in negative recruiting?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Oh yeah. Just about every school I went to had some stuff to say. The only school that really didn't say anything was Michigan. They had a lot of class."

afghan67:: Jamar - What team are you looking forward to playing the most? Tenn, UGA, F$U?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Oh, Georgia hands down. I got so many friends on that team it is just ridiculous. I cant wait to play them. Bryan Evans is one of my best friends."

GatorPrincess8:: did jamar answer my question on how meyer and florida sealed the deal?

Jamar Hornsby:: "I dont know..I was always a Gator fan. When me and Tebow was in the office he said we were the first two players he offered and that meant a lot."

Brownand:: What relationships or friendships if any do you have with any of Florida's current players and did that effect your choice to come to UF?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Actually Kyle Jackson and I have a great friendship. Ciatrick Fason is another one. Me and Kyle have been close for I dont know how long."


Jamar Hornsby:: "I really like on campus by the stadium. Right down University... That's where everything goes on."

BigTimeGator:: Jamar- Does Jacoby Monrue like the Gators and will you get him to be a gator?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Oh man.. Jacoby wanted to commit the first day. Coach Meyer said he was the first junior he ever offered and he wanted to commit right on the spot."

romanrish:: How's it coming w/ you guys trying to get some big uglies down here to block for you guys so you can make huge plays?

Jamar Hornsby:: "I'm trying to get Sam Young. I talked to him a few weeks ago and he said he's undecided right now."

gatorinroswell:: Gilbert?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Actually I really dont know Gilbert too good."

GatorPrincess8:: What do you think about THE SWAMP?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Oh man, the Swamp is just speechless. That's the loudest stadium I've heard in my life. Michigan is big but it's not that loud. Its just a lot of people."

InjunBuck:: Which of your visits were the tightest?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Of my vists I'd have to say Georgia was the best. I haven't taken my official to UF yet though."

afghan67:: Jamar - If you could tell the coaches how to best utilize your skills, what would you tell them?

Jamar Hornsby:: "I would tell the coaches I'm a downfield type receiving. I would tell them to work my blocking and my basic stuff. I'm good at running routes and getting open"

Schraibdog:: do you know what you want to major in?

Jamar Hornsby:: "I'd like to major in business management."

DoctorF:: Ryan, ask him if he has a nickname

Jamar Hornsby:: "Most people just call me 'J'.... Tell them to give me a nickname!"

DieAGator:: Why was UGA's visit good ?

Jamar Hornsby:: "My Georgia visit was good because I already knew some of the players so that made it better. I also got to see my family up there"

NorthWestGator:: Jamar you think Chad Jackson is going pro?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Oh yeah. Chad Jackson is definitely going pro"

AAAGator:: who is your favorite NFL player?

Jamar Hornsby:: "My favorite player in the league is Charles Woodson. He was a 2-way player in college too. As a receiver it's a mixture of TO and Chad Johnson"

UFLA59:: What are the chances of you entering school early?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Actually I can enter school early. I have one class left and I can finish middle of January. I can make the 2nd cut off period then and I will try to do it."

mcgillicudy:: Jamar, do know about any silent commits that we have right now?

Jamar Hornsby:: "I don't know of any silents"

swollenthunder9:: would you like to play with spiller?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Yeah it would be kind of fun to play with Spiller. I heard he was leaning pretty hard on Florida State though."

mcgillicudy:: Jamar, whats your fastest 40 time?

Jamar Hornsby:: "My fastest 40 time was a 4.4 flat.."

Schraibdog:: I would think that official visitis are like fraternity rush, doesn't it get a little bit wild

Jamar Hornsby:: "Visits dont get really wild.."

afghan67:: Jamar - What did you learn from the recruiting process?

Jamar Hornsby:: "I learned to not take everything to your head. Dont look at rankings and all that. That can get to you."

BrowardCoGator:: Jamar, there was talk of you visiting South Carolina a week or so ago, is that something that will still happen? Or are you done except for the UF visit?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Im probably not going to South Carolina. Im going straight to Florida."

ManCityFan:: Do Coaches still call You?

Jamar Hornsby:: "I have coaches still calling. Florida State calls me all the time. They're probably the most."

Jrod3542:: Has Meyer mentioned what direction he is taking the "O" next year?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Meyer hasn't really talked about the offense direction."

GatorPrincess8:: Jamar, what is your favorite book to read?

Jamar Hornsby:: "I dont know what my favorite book is.. I like magazines like Sports Illustrated"

DoctorF:: Jamar, is it weird to have a bunch of people talking about you so much online?

Jamar Hornsby:: "No not at all. Im glad to be here with you guys. It's not weird"

ufla5220:: Jamar, are you friends with Percy Harvin? What is your feeling about where he will wind up?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Im really not friends with Percy but I've met him before. I have no idea where he's going"

frankthetanklives:: What is your favorite memory from HS football?

Jamar Hornsby:: "My best memory in HS is last year in the 3rd round of the playoffs when I scored all the points, had 307yds receiving, 3 td's and like 2 picks"

Leak2Caldwell:: Jamar, what is your favorite route to run? Fade? Go?

Jamar Hornsby:: "My favorite route is like an out and up.. Get em biting them just turn it up"

GATORSSWAGGER:: Jamar- Do you guys (recruits) read Gatorcountry?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Oh yeah. I know a bunch of recruits that read that Gator Country. You know Im on there."

Gatorfan5220:: Jamar, how tall are you? and, how much do you weigh?

Jamar Hornsby:: "I am 6'4 195 right now"

romanrish:: How does it make you feel to be part of probably the best trio of skill players this year between You, Tebow, and Fayson

Jamar Hornsby:: "It's an honor to be with those guys. I went through the process with Maurice last year and I wanted to be in the same place as him"

frankthetanklives:: DO you have a premium membership?

Jamar Hornsby:: "No I dont have a premium membership but I need to get one."

Jrod3542:: Jamar who is your favorite Gator reciever of all time?

Jamar Hornsby:: "My favorite UF receiver.. It's like Chad and probably Caldwell. I like them two."

PerdidoKeyGator:: Jamar: How is the rebab going?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Rehab is going good. It's picked up a lot on intensity. I know it's gonna be harder after surgery."

Gators75:: J, what do you want to accomplish at Florida?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Im gonna try my best to play my first year. I want to be a freshman all-American or get 1000 yds. Im out to break records."

AAAGator:: what weight would you like to play at?

Jamar Hornsby:: "I'd like to play at at least 205-210"

frankthetanklives:: What is the silliest thing you ever read on a recruiting forum?

Jamar Hornsby:: "The silliest thing on a message board? I saw someone ask what kind of underwear I like.. That was odd"

PerdidoKeyGator:: Jamar: Which atmosphere did you like best UF/UGA or any game int he swamp?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Oh the Swamp hands down. It's better than FLorida/Georgia"

anfdude4832:: Jamar: Do you think Tim Tebow will live up 2 all the hype that he has been getting ? and did you watch the ESPN 2 special on him last night??

Jamar Hornsby:: "Yeah I watched the Tebow show. It was crazy man.. Im gonna give it to him. He is a great QB and I hate to hear people doubting him. He's gonna succeed, just the person he is"

DoctorF:: Jamar, can Rickerson cover you?

Jamar Hornsby:: "I cant comment on that one...(laughing)"

108:: RYAN...other than yourself and TT, what other UF recruit are you most impressed with...???

Jamar Hornsby:: "Im most impressed with probably Jarred"

BrowardCoGator:: Jamar, are you excited to catch passes from Tebow, your longtime friend?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Oh yeah. I was close to being teammates with Tim and now were college teammates"

PerdidoKeyGator:: Jamar: Are you fired up about helping the Gators post a Loss of the Noles at Bobby Bowden field?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Oh yeah. I cant wait to beat FSU. They need a beating"

frygator:: Can Tony Carter cover you?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Tony Carter couldn't cover me in HS so I dont think he can cover me now."

MacDaddyGator:: Who is the best cover DB you have played against?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Bryan Evans"

BigTimeGator:: Jamar- did some crazy gator fan come up to you and Fayson at UGA walk?

Jamar Hornsby:: "Yeah I think I remember a Gator at the Dawg Walk! I think he did"

Jamar Hornsby:: "I can't wait to get there and be a part of the family. I cant wait to get in the Swamp and actually meet some of these guys I'm talking to."

Jamar Hornsby:: "Go Gators!"

Ryan Jordan:: I'd like to especially thank Jamar for being our special guest tonight and also thank all of those Gator fans who asked questions!

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