RECRUITING: Rose visits hometown team

Last week Daron Rose announced he would be taking an official visit to USF. He made the decison late in the week that the visit would take place this weekend. talked with Rose after he finished and we got the inside scoop on all the details of his visit.

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Daron Rose of Jefferson High School in Tampa, Florida is the most talked about recruit on the Bulls board. He is also one of the most sought after lineman in the state. This weekend he took an official visit to South Florida. We reported earlier in the week that Rose intended to visit, but the date was not announced. Because of Rose' schedule the only weekend he could visit was this weekend. The only problem is USF was not planning on hosting any recruits this weekend, but when the Big Man can only visit on one weekend you make the accommodations. USF opened their doors to Rose this weekend even though he was the only recruit in attendance.

When Daron arrived to the facilities at USF he was greeted by a familiar face, Bulls linebacker Josh Balloon. Balloon was assigned to be his host for the weekend. He and Rose were teammates at Jefferson High School. "I liked having Josh (Balloon) as my host." Said Rose, "It was easy to be myself and it allowed me to enjoy my visit."

That was just the start of what Rose says was a "real good" weekend.

"It was fun being around the guys." Adding, " all of the people I met were nice, and I liked all the interaction with the players."

After he met with some of the players Rose was taken on a tour of campus. USF is not known for having a traditional college campus, but it still impressed Rose.

"I was really surprised by the actual campus. After all these years of living in Tampa I never visited the campus. I liked the dorms and the classrooms. It was not what I was expecting."

Rose also met with academic advisors. He wants to major in pre-law, and was given an overview of the program South Florida would offer.

Overall Rose said he rated his visit to USF as an 8. He said there was nothing that could have been done to make it better. However, he enjoyed his visit to Michigan a little more. After this visit Rose doesn't have another one scheduled until January 13th when he goes to South Carolina. Then he will go to Florida and take his final visit at Florida State. He will also be participating in the California vs. Florida game in two weeks.

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