Q&A with Strength and Conditioning Coach Rob Glass

<B>UFI Exclusive</b><BR> Rob Glass may have the most important job of any Gator coach in the off-season. He must oversee, develop and prepare Florida's football team for the upcoming season. Coach Zook and his coaches will rely heavily on the input from Coach Glass and his staff as they await the start of fall practice. Find out what he had to say about the off-season and much more.

Q: How important is summer A in the weight room?
Coach Glass: Very important for the players to get individualized attention with workouts and conditioning. They can really help themselves by staying here and working with the staff.

Q: How many guys will be here?
Coach Glass: About 60 for summer A, then all of them for Summer B including the signees.

Q: What are you working on during this summer term?
Coach Glass: Mostly strength and speed development, the guys that went home and the signees will have to be disciplined enough to follow our summer strength manuals on their own without us there to push them.

Q: Why can players take advantage of summer so much?
Coach Glass: The class schedule is not as demanding as the fall and spring, plus no daily practices so they can focus on getting bigger stronger and faster.

Q: Did you meet with Coach Zook after spring to discuss which guys need to do what?
Coach Glass: Yes, we sat down and discussed every single player on the roster. Ron is still getting familiar with everyone and uses me to stay on top of what is going on with each guy while he is on the road.

Q: Will you do the same things this summer as you have in the past?
Coach Glass: Absolutely, we have had success in our gains and conditioning and we will continue to push our guys like we always have.

Q: Do you train all players the same?
Coach Glass: We use the method called "position specific training." We look at how many snaps guys will play in a game and their roles offensively and defensively and try to set a program to fit what there particular position asks them to do.

Q: Do you try to get guys to their "peak" game shape by the time Coach Zook opens fall camp?
Coach Glass: We try to get them in great shape to go through fall drills and practice. Practice itself will lend them into getting in "Game Shape." The NCAA rules will not allow us to use particular equipment and so forth so it is difficult for us to simulate a game situation, it has to be done in practice.

Q: So guys can get by conditioning wise by going through fall camp?
Coach Glass: No, we believe players learn more when they are in better shape. Instead of grabbing their shorts or pads gasping for air, they pay attention to their position coaches, which makes it easier for them to install and teach the schemes. We want them in great shape for fall by preparing in the summer if we do that then Coach Zook and his staff can teach better and more efficiently.

Q: Is the summer workouts and success directly correlated to fewer injuries?
Coach Glass: Somewhat, but injuries are part of the game. It is football you know. The better physical shape you are in the quicker you recover from injuries and so forth. A greatly conditioned athlete can fight off minor injuries during the course of a season much better than a lesser-prepared athlete.

Q: Do the new schemes on offense and defense change the way you train?
Coach Glass: Actually we timed snaps on offense in the spring and plays because this offense is more no huddle and hurry up. We will use this information to help implement certain drills in the summer that we feel can prepare the guys for the fall.

Q: What about the use of supplements? The NFL is testing year round for Ephedrine.
Coach Glass: Ephedrine causes increased heart rate which is very dangerous with football. But we do educate our players on the do's and don'ts of supplements. If a player wants to take them we encourage them to bring them to us first.

Q: These supplements are over the counter though aren't they?
Coach Glass: Yes but that does not mean they are good for them or approved by the NCAA. Jim Miller (Bears Quarterback) got in trouble for buying something at GNC that had a banned substance in it. The FDA does not approve supplements so whatever is on the label isn't necessarily what's in the bottle.

Q: So do you have to educate the team or is that their own responsibility?
Coach Glass: We educate, plus we hired a year round sports nutritionist a year and a half ago to assist us. She monitors everything our athletes do and is really a big help. We give our players guidelines and plans to help maximize their strength and conditioning efforts.

Q: Wow you really have a lot of responsibility?
Coach Glass: I enjoy what I do and I enjoy being at the University of Florida. It is very rewarding to see guys reach their goals and ultimately the team and coaches to reach their goals.

Q: Finally what is game day like for you?
Coach Glass: First we stretch out everyone in the locker room individually. Then after group we put the team through a team stretch. From there we fire them up (you know like when M&M jumps on the pile) and then keep track of the drills with the whistle. During the actual game we monitor the sideline and keep an eye to see which guys may be winded or are wearing down. By using the method

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