ASK ACK: Q and A on Iowa and Gator Recruiting

Here is this week's installment of Ask Ack, where former Gator football player Brady Ackerman, now a radio personality and Sun Sports TV analyst, answers your questions about the Florida Gators. Ask Ack is a weekly feature of throughout the football season.

Ack: Why do you think Gavin Dickey is the backup and not Cornelius Ingram for the bowl game?

First, I think the experience factor has to play in the equation since Gavin has taken snaps in a big game before. I also think the staff was committed to using the extra time for the bowl game to get CI ready to play another position. With this he could actually get some playing time and find out if this is good for him and the staff. If CI has some success it would likely mean he is here in the spring and maybe beyond. When Josh Portis decided to leave I think they wanted to make sure they had all there bases covered. Dickey is not a receiver, I have said that many times he will be a good backup quarterback who needs to improve his accuracy. If Dickey is on the team next fall he should be on defense or as a quarterback who won't mind playing whenever he is need or wherever he is needed.

Ack: Any early thoughts on Iowa?

This Iowa team is not as good as the one UF faced two years ago. Just look at the lines of scrimmage and you find about six guys from that team a couple of years ago who are playing now in the NFL. They are well coached and not flashy and as always under Kirk Ferentz, playing there best at the end of the season.

Brady: What offensive player concerns you the most on Iowa?

Albert Young and his running ability is the primary concern. Young had had seven 100-yard games and when the Gators have lost games, backs have gotten after them. Joseph Addai and Kenneth Darby had nice days and South Carolina ran enough to pull off the victory. I think the Gators must take him out of the game if they are going to win. Drew Tate is nice player but he won't beat UF on his own.

Ack: What defensive player concerns you the most on Iowa?

Chad Greenway who is a great outside linebacker is very disruptive. Florida will have to find him at all times, whether he's blitzing the quarterback or in a run blitz. He is very versatile and he will also be a factor defending UF"s short passing game.

Brady: Any areas that you see favoring the Gators already?

UF should be able to pass the ball on Iowa which has the number 94 pass defense in the country. I like the fact that UF's receivers will be very healthy and that Chris Leak and his line should be able to have enough time to get the ball downfield.

Ack: Is this incoming Florida class the best you have ever seen in recruiting?

Well it's always tough to gauge this without the players on campus. But right now on paper this class is one of the best ever in Gator history. You have to give Urban Meyer and his staff credit in that they have made the one thing we all knew Ron Zook could do well and have taken it to another level. Florida will have a lot of people to make happy the next couple of years, which is a good problem to have.

Brady: Anything you don't like about the class or think they could still use?

I like the class and with 15 commits from Florida I would like to see the class with 20 or more from the state. They have 57 percent from the state right now and I think the number needs to climb to 65 percent. I do think linebacker, cornerback and offensive line need a man or two. Running back may be a spot that could add one but let's not forget about UF's first commitment, Chevon Walker. He should be a really good player right away.

Ack: Why would you rather have Florida kids?

I will take all the Percy Harvins and Brandon Antwines I can get but when you sign out of state kids that are three stars they better work out. I think kids like Brandon James, Markihe Anderson and Terron Sanders will be better than some kids who are rated higher out of state. You cannot go wrong with in state kids in a talent deep pool. Remember everyone from Florida cannot be a five or four star guy. Guss Scott was not highly rated and Johnathen Vilma was a two star guy for Miami, I believe. So I would just get some more Florida kids here at the finish line.

Ack: Any translation to out of state and transfers or departures?

Probably not. Usually guys leave for playing time or money. But look at this year: Portis and Thornton are both from out of state. Chad Jackson may go pro and he is from out of state while Wynn may leave as well and he is from Ohio. I don't think there is any direct correlation but I just think if you get 6 percent of your class from Florida you will win a lot of football games.

Brady: Any new news on the coaching rumors?

Cheston Blackshear the former offensive lineman and graduate assistant at Florida has taken a full time job at Columbia. He will be working with the offense and coaching and recruiting in the Ivy League. He worked this past season as a graduate assistant for Ron Zook at Illinois.

Brady: Do you think with the signing of Tim Tebow, Meyer will go back to the offense he ran at Utah?

No, I think he will continue to develop a "new" offense that works in the SEC. I always think you will see packages and elements of the old spread-veer attack but not as the basis for everything you do. He cannot spread the field unless you are going to go vertical. At Utah they were a ball control passing attack that wore teams out. I think Tebow can run the spread and so can Leak but they also have to have a plan in their system to protect the quarterback. With a all new offensive line next season look for UF to be a multiple attack with plenty of spread sprinkled in.

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