A Q&A with Noah Brindise

<B>UFI Exclusive</B><BR> Coach <B>Noah Brindise</B> became a folk hero at Florida as a walk-on quarterback who helped engineer one of Steve Spurrier's most memorable wins…a 32-29 over #1 Florida State in 1997. He has been a graduate assistant coach for the Gators with more input and responsibility than most position coaches. He has followed that loyalty to the National Football League, where he is now a full time QB coach with the Washington Redskins.

Ack: What has the transition been like?
Coach Brindise: Moving out of Gainesville, which has been my home for the last seven years was tough, but actually it has been real smooth. I like it here more than I thought I would. It is really pretty and beautiful.

Ack: Did you ever think you would be coaching in the NFL?
Coach Brindise: No. Everyone asks me if it was a dream job but I have never dreamed of coaching in the NFL. I have heard alot of horror stories about player coach relationships in the League, but so far our guys don't have big egos and have been real receptive to our ideas and philosophies.

Ack: Has coach Spurrier changed much?
Coach Brindise: No. Coach is still the same… he has the same philosophy that has won for him at every level and he will continue that here. We don't have as many players so we must be real organized on how we do things to maximize our efficiency. We are adapting and we will get it done.

Ack: How much is the NFL game different from the college game from what you have seen so far on tape etc..?
Coach Brindise: As far as the game tape, we have not watched that much. I mean we saw every coverage and every defense at Florida, especially last year. Most of the schemes are similar. It is the personnel that's different. I mean Michael Strahan is unbelievable and our own guy Lavar Arrington is just incredible.

Ack: Talk about the Quarterback battle?
Coach Brindise: Well you are catching me on a good day because our guys seemed to have the light go on for them today. They all looked good. Shane (Matthews) probably had to learn more of the offense than he thought because of the changes since he played… maybe more like a 25% difference. Danny (Wuerffel) is really getting more comfortable and Sage Rosenfuls is a smart guy who has picked it up really quickly and is very talented. Patrick Ramsey will be a stud in this league. He has alot of talent but needs to learn more and we have not had a chance to work with him as much.

Ack: Is there a leader for the job?
Coach Brindise: No, it is wide open. We don't have a big name big contract guy so all the guys will have five preseason games to win the job. The beauty of our offense is that the strongest, fastest guy does not necessarily win the job... but it is the guy who understands the offense the most.

Ack: Have you seen any of the Rams' offense?
Coach Brindise: Every game from last year. It is very well designed and Coach Martz has the best offensive mind of any coach I have ever seen other than Coach Spurrier.

Ack: Will the offense look different than it did at Florida?
Coach Brindise: No reason it cannot look as good as it did at UF. We have good plays versus every defense, so if the quarterbacks can get into the right plays we should be very successful.

Ack: How good can the Redskins be?
Coach Brindise: Our goal is to win every game. We realize that will be extremely tough and that there are alot of smart coaches out there but we want to win. We don't think we're smarter than anyone else we just believe in what we are trying to do. Coach (Marvin) Lewis is the sharpest guy I have ever met and should be a head coach. So if we can pull our weight on offense we will be real good.

Ack: Is Auburn 97 the biggest game ever or FSU 97?
Coach Brindise: Auburn was a big game because it was my first real shot in a big game against an undefeated team. But, to beat FSU in my last home game when they were ranked number one was so meaningful. The Swamp will never be the same as that magical evening. It was awesome.

Ack: Do you miss Rex (Grossman) and the boys?
Coach Brindise: Oh yes… I wish them the best... Rex, Taylor (Jacobs) all of them… They can have a big year. If Rex comes out to the NFL next year he should be the first quarterback taken. He just needs to continue to work hard. Even though I am a little biased, I know he will be a great player in the NFL. I feel real confident in saying that.

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