RECRUITING: Walker Ready For Early Entry

If you look for Chevon Walker's name on the rosters of the top high school all-star football games, you won't find it. If you check the stats of the running backs in those games and compare them with Walker's, you wonder how it is that this four-star (by commitment to Florida from Ft. Meyers Riverdale was overlooked. The numbers alone tell you that this kid is definitely the kind of game breaker that Coach Urban Meyer wants in his offense.

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Walker was the first commitment for the Gators recruiting class of 2006 back in the spring. He backed up the commitment with an outstanding senior season and on January 5 he will get a head start on most of the other freshmen in Florida's class by enrolling at UF which means he will be participating in spring practice.

In his final prep season, Walker led Riverdale into the second round of the state playoffs. He finished the year with 32 touchdowns, 2,027 yards rushing and 16 pass receptions for 230 yards and a whopping 2,400-plus all-purpose yards. He Yet, the only all-star game he played in was a Lee County game where he scored a touchdown on the first offensive play from 74 yards out.

He's not the least bit concerned with all-star games, however. The understatement of the year is that he's really excited about getting to Gainesville to begin the next phase of his life.

"I will be there next Friday, on January 5th," Walker said. "They told me to get ready to go. The first week is mostly like school work and getting the schedule. I am ready to go right now I want to get up there."

Walker's plan is to work hard, learn a lot and try to fit in. He figures that his outstanding work ethic and his determined play on the field will dictate how much time he sees the field as a true freshman.

"I am expecting to go out there and do my thing, do my best and play hard," he said. "I am going to keep my head up and keep going."

To enroll early at Florida, Walker had to add English 4 as a night class to his fall schedule so he could graduate early. That was actually part of a plan that was devised shortly after he committed to Florida in April. The extra high school class wasn't so tough, he college classes will be decidedly more difficult.

"It's going to be tough next week," he said.

Walker has a chiseled 185 pounds stretched over his 5-11 body. He is the typical running back with huge calves and extremely lean muscle mass. Surprisingly, though, he's not a weight room warrior.

"I don't lift a lot of weights … I am just naturally strong," he said. "People always wonder but I don't lift a lot of weights."

He knows that Florida fans have very high expectations of the team and each individual player so he's determined that they will see a hard working kid who gives his best effort every single play.

"They can expect the best from me," he said. "I just want to do the best for the team and get the job done. I want to get it done and win some championships."

By enrolling early, Chevon Walker is helping Florida recruit. His January enrollment will open a scholarship for another outstanding recruit that will be arriving with the rest of the freshmen in July. Walker hasn't even carried the ball one time but he's already making a big contribution to Florida football.

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