Top Center Talks Bowl and Notre Dame

Notre Dame commitment Dan Wenger is one of the top players on a very deep OL playing for the East squad at the Army All-American Bowl game in 2006. He was one of the first players to arrive in San Antonio this week and he sat down with for an interview about what he's looking forward to about arriving in South Bend as well as his excitement about being here at the Bowl game.

"When I visited I felt it was just the right choice to make. It felt like the best fit and the best atmosphere and I think the opportunities are endless for me there."

What made you want to get out of the south?

"I don't know if it was necessarily wanting to leave the south but Notre Dame just felt like the best fit. Regardless of whether it was in the north or south, it didn't matter. That's just where I felt that I should be at."

Coach Weiss is obviously a huge reason for kids heading to South Bend these days and for Wenger it's no different.

"Obviously I love his knowledge of the game. He's a great offensive mind. When I went up there and what they were doing to prepare for Tennessee it just really shocked me. It was overwhelming how much he knew about the game and what type of plays to run and he was just a great upstanding guy. You know he'll be there for you in the end."

Some recruiting analysts have referred to Dan as the top center prospect in the country but he hasn't let the hype go to his head whatsoever.

"I don't know if I'm the best in the country, I'll leave that to other people to decide. I think what makes me pretty good is that in the past I've had former centers spend some time with me and help me learn things. I also think a lot of it is both of my brothers, my father and just my parents instilling that hard work in me, being there with me and just leading me through the right way. Just all that combined I think makes me what I am today."

Dan's religious afflictions were also a strong reason for his commitment to the Golden Domers.

"I tend to be pretty religious and when you go up there, there's just an aura about it if you're a religious person."

Being selected to the Army All-American Bowl is one of the highest honors a high school player can receive and expectedly, the South Florida star is excited to be here in San Antonio.

"I'm just excited to be here and to meet some of the guys in the game. I think Notre Dame has about 11 of their commitments here so it's definitely going to be good to meet them and start a relationship with them because those are the guys I'll be coming in with. I can't wait to play with the best of the best. This is the greatest honor for high school football."

One of the hottest recruiting battles still ongoing in the country this year is for Dan's teammate Sam Young. Has he been recruiting him for the Irish?

"Everyone has been pushing me to bring Sam and all of that, but I mean it's got to be his decision and he's got to feel it's the right place for him. I can't make him go anywhere if he's going to feel miserable for the next four or five years of his life."

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