Q and A With Florida's Mammoth All-American

Charasmatic offensive lineman Carl Johnson is one of the biggest standouts in the University of Florida's already stellar 2006 recruiting class. On Sunday afernoon he was one of the first players to arrive here in San Antonio for the Army All-American Bowl and Scout.com caught up with him for this Q&A session.

Carl, you chose Florida a few months back. Why did you choose the Gators?

"They have great academics and a great football atmosphere. It was something to fall in love with."

At the time you committed, many considered Florida to be a little bit of a dark horse to garner your signature. Were they really trailing or were they always right there?

"They weren't in the ball park. My dad went to Disney World and he told me about it so we went there for four days and the rest is pretty much history. I just looked at records when I was thinking of schools but when I took that visit there I talked to the players and the coaches and saw they were top 10 in the nation in academics. It's a great football atmosphere. They have a coach that wants to win and players that want to be successful so it was just a perfect mix."

There are a bunch of Gators here this week. Are you looking forward to playing with those guys and playing against some of them?

"I love it. It's a great chance to get to know my teammates before I actually step on the Florida campus and a chance to see what they're made of before we actually get in a game against a Tennessee, a South Carolina or an Alabama."

Florida has maybe the top ranked offensive recruiting class right now in the country. How have you contributed to helping them earn some of those commitments?

"When I see players at the game or when I call them I just ask them to give Florida a chance. You might see the 7-4 or the 6-5 records in the previous years but if you go there and you spend time, you will see why most kids commit there."

UF didn't do as well this year as they might have liked but it's obvious with all the big time recruits headed to Gainesville that you guys believe it's going to turn around in a big way. Why is that?

"Because Coach Meyer is going to bring the best of you whether you want it or not. He believes in playing who's the best whether you're a freshman and someone else is a senior. He believes that if you work hard, you will get what you earn."

How do you see yourself fitting in as far as their offensive line depth next season?

"From what I understand from the coaches I will come in semi-second on the depth chart but first at the same time. They graduate four players and since I'm coming in mid-year I'll be doing spring ball and I'll probably be first on the depth chart by the end of the summer."

Some coaches have described you as the most complete offensive linemen in the country. What makes you so well rounded with your game?

"When I step on the field it's a whole different attitude. You know I'm out here joking and playing but I when I'm on the field I see it like you're out there trying to make a name off of me and I'm going to destroy you before you can destroy me. I just go hard."

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