US ARMY: "Gator" East Practice Report

As part of our exclusive in-depth coverage of the US Army All-American Bowl, Hollywood Bob spent most of the day out in the glaring sun watching the East Squad practicing at a local high school stadium. Here's his observations and photos of Gator commits and targets.

Tim Tebow, QB (Commitment) – I didn't get to see much of him yesterday where he supposedly struggled, but he was throwing the ball very well today. The thing about the East is that they just don't throw the ball deep very much, at least they haven't in practice so far. Tebow has become the team's favorite guy and they all kid around with him. He certainly enjoys himself out there on the field. He also runs a lot of the option and what looks to be a lot like the gator offense out here in San Antonio. It will be fun to watch him on game day and see how he progresses during the week in the offense. (Ray's Note - one of the US Army coaches noticed my Gator Country shirt, walked up to me, and said "You guys got a real good one in Tebow." He also said Tebow did much better today, which was obvious because I could clearly see how Tebow was the best QB of the day with a soft touch on the ball. Like Bob said, Tebow was popular with the other guys on the team and he was also often hanging around and funnin' with Fayson, Spiller, Johnson, and more... We also had the chance to spend a little time with Tebow's father, Bobby, and he comes across as a great, classy fellow.)

Percy Harvin, WR (Commitment) – Percy has the most quicks out there that is for certain. He runs a lot of short and screen routes and will be the dump off guy that they will get the ball to make a play. I would like to see him and his speed utilized once or twice, but this is the position he will be playing a lot on the Florida offense as well.

Jarred Fayson, WR/QB (Commitment) – Fayson didn't practice at all today but will most likely see time at quarterback tomorrow. His hamstring injury is bad enough where they can't chance it as a receiver out there cutting on the field and with people hitting on him. He is having a great time out here and really likes his future Florida teammates. (Ray's Note -- Fayson and Harvin have clearly become good friends already - they hung out together frequently and were throwing the ball to each other. While I was snapping photos, Fayson smiled and indicated for me to get him and Harvin in a shot. Really nice kid.)

Carl Johnson, OL (Commitment) - Big Carl is a man on a line full of men. He is the back up center for the east as Daniel Wenger is nursing an ankle injury and needs some rest at the position. He has a little trouble getting the snap, but what a monster in the middle of the line. Carl has exceptional feet for someone his size and locks on to his guy when in reach and bowls him over. He and Andre Smith have been buddies out here so far. (Ray's Note -- I would say CJ is the next most popular guy on the team next to Tebow - he was constantly jabbing and kidding around with the other players, but most notably with other Gators on the team.)

Corey Hobbs, DT (Commitment) – From talking to the other scouts in attendance, Hobbs is much bigger than anyone else realized. He is quite the load on the defensive side of the ball. He can flat cave in the line, but is facing some monsters in the interior on the east side. Hobbs is busy showing the national guys what Florida football is all about out here in San Antonio. (Ray's Note -- Hobbs is one of the few that's all business out there on the field and takes it seriously. He was hobbling a little bit later in practice but seemed okay afterwards.)

C.J. Spiller, RB (Not Committed) Spiller is a little healthier today after a banged up ankle slowed him down yesterday. A little tenderness is still visible, but the speed is there to the outside. Speed and shiftiness are his traits and he definitely showed those today. (Ray's Note -- It was interesting to see Tebow and Spiller hang out quite a bit on the fields...)

Andre Smith OL (Not Committed) Smith is just plain power and ridiculous speed for a guy his size. Do not get in this guy's way. I wish I had my camera rolling when he was doing some quarterback footwork on the sideline so I could show you how good his feet are. (Ray's Note -- As Bob observed, I also saw him and CJ gabbing with each other quite a bit).

(Far left)
Clifton Geathers, OL/DE (Not Committed) Geathers isn't physically as mature as the other offensive linemen out here but can really run. His move to the defensive end was made because of injuries and out here among these players it is a better fit for him. He made the best offensive linemen look silly at times trying to block him and we are talking about the best linemen in years to play in this game.

Brandon Spikes (left) and Jarrell Miller (right)

Brandon Spikes, LB (Not Committed) I knew Spikes was a good player and was big, I just didn't know he was this good and this big. He is a monster and can really play the game out here at linebacker. He is bigger than any linebacker the Gators have on campus right now, hands down. He runs almost as well as Siler and brings a huge punch when he makes the tackle. He absolutely loves playing the game out here in San Antonio and loves mixing it up with Carl Johnson. (Ray's Note -- Brandon's always got this big smile on his face out on the field. He also grinned quite big when he saw us in our GC shirts... Is this a good sign? ;))

Jarrell Miller, LB (Not Committed) Miller is also another huge linebacker and would be the biggest backer on campus if he showed up in Gainesville. He may be a tad shorter than Spikes, but heavier. He has been hampered with a groin injury but has played through it. He is powerful and solid, but slowed a little with the injury. He has also doubled as a full back.

We got the East today with one person short on our coverage crew. Mark McLeod joins us tomorrow after covering the Outback Bowl for us and we plan on covering more Gator prospects over on the West team. Also look forward to more personal interviews and hopefully a private screening tonight. (Ray's Note -- OMG a private screening!!)

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