VETTEL: An Update On The UF Numbers Game

One popular discussion topic of late has surrounded just how the Gators are going to keep taking commitment after commitment and still come in under the NCAA limit of 85. Well so far things are progressing about as Florida expected and the numbers should add up when all is said and done.

With the none-to-surprising departures of Chad Jackson and Dee Webb, I have the Gators at 61 returning scholarship players and 27 commitments. That would leave the Gators three over the limit before any further attrition takes place. We are still likely to see at least five current Gators not come back and perhaps three commitments either switch or fail to qualify or "gray shirt". That would leave Urban Meyer and company pretty comfortable adding another six-to-eight guys.

Positional Breakdown

Quarterback (3): Leak, Dickey, Ingram (plus 1 commitment)

Running Back (4): Wynn, Moore, Manson, Latsko (plus 1)

Offensive Line (10): Miller, Tartt, Rissler, Haupt, Wilson, Medder, Brown, Watkins, Trautwein, Codrington (plus 4)

Wide Receiver (7): Baker, Caldwell, Tookes, Cornelius, McIntosh, Boateng, Nelson, Murphy (plus 8)

Tight End (2): Casey, Thompson (plus 2)

Defensive End (7): McDonald, Cohen, Harvey, Moss, Riley, Pierre, Gresham (plus 2)

Defensive Tackle (6): Thomas, Harris, McMillan, Daniel, Bunce, Estopinan (plus 3)

Linebacker (8): Siler, Everett, Crum, Demps, Baker, Stamper, Sledge (plus 2)

Safety (6): Jackson, Joiner, Nelson, Holmes, Brooks, Munroe (plus 2)

Cornerback (4): Atkins, Lewis, JMcCollum, TMcCollum (plus 2)

Specialists (3): Wilbur, Philips, Hetland (plus 1)

What to Add Next?

It's obvious Florida needs to add at least two linebackers to this year's recruiting class and I would argue for three. At least on more corner should be added and you would like another great safety. I would also like to see another offensive lineman or two and a running back (that's 6-to-8).

It's doubtful Markell Thompson will be a fifth-year senior so that's one spot. And you can expect Florida to lose a returning receiver, defensive tackle and defensive end. You may also see a safety or two not come back. If the Gators know exactly where the attrition is coming from they may well target those positions. (That's 5-to-6)

Another wildcard is major league baseball, which conceivably could take two members of the 2006 Gators, veteran QB Gavin Dickey and incoming receiver/corner Derrick Robinson. If both take baseball money and two or three don't qualify the Gators will be right where they need to be. If they can't find another seven or eight players they want, one or two additional guys may be invited to stick around.

A few of these numbers will likely be changing in the next several days. But for now, I think this paints the picture pretty clearly.

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