RECRUITING: Marsh Is "100 percent Gator"

When Lawrence Marsh of August (GA) Josey committed to the Florida Gators back on November 29, perhaps he thought the calls from college coaches would come to an end. The calls haven't stopped and there has even been a personal contact from Georgia Coach Mark Richt, but it's a case of too little and too late for everyone but the Gators. Marsh wants everyone to know that he made his choice and he's happily sticking with it.

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Marsh is a 6-5, 260-pound defensive end who brings size, speed and power to the table. He's a big time hitter and pass rusher who made his choice for the Gators after watching the Florida-Florida State game in person. The frenzied atmosphere in The Swamp that evening helped convince Marsh that his future would best be served playing in orange and blue for Coach Urban Meyer.

Marsh is solid to Florida and very happy with his choice. Before this interview with Gator Country concluded, he wanted to make it perfectly clear where he's going to be playing college football next year.

About halfway through the interview, Marsh asked, "Is this going to be a story?"

Following an affirmative reply, he asked, "Can you make sure that they know I am going to be 100 percent a Gator?"

Georgia arrived on the scene late for Marsh. The problem is the Bulldogs weren't ever high on his priority list from the very beginning. That didn't stop Georgia from trying to convince him to change his mind. When finally cornered by Richt at Josey High School Marsh made it abundantly clear that whatever Georgia was selling, he wasn't buying.

"Georgia started calling me and they came to see me," he said. "Coach Richt came by the school. They wanted to know if I made the right decision to come to Florida. I told them I made the right decision, 100 percent.

"I like Florida. I like the coaching staff and the chance to win championships with their coaching staff. I like the position coach (Greg Mattison) and the recruiting coach (Steve Addazio)."

He has developed a real bond with Mattison, who has a reputation for being almost a second father to the defensive linemen who play for him. Marsh can see Mattison's influence helping him to improve both on and off the field.

"I think Coach Mattison is a good coach and someone I could play for in the future," marsh said. "He really cares about me and I think highly about Coach Mattison."

Right now, it's all about finishing up and getting to the University of Florida in July with the rest of the outstanding recruiting class the Gators are assembling. Marsh is the only strong side defensive end the Gators have recruited in the past two years so he should have an opportunity to earn some early playing time. He should be well prepared for college from an academic standpoint.

"School is going pretty good," he said. "I am taking math, sociology, English, and a few others. I already got the SAT and ACT out of the way and have a qualifying score.

"I am looking forward to getting with the team and practicing and getting to know everyone. The fans are going to be able to look forward to some sacks."

Lawrence Marsh has already made it through the toughest part of the recruiting battles. He was able to tell the home state power, thanks, but no thanks. He certainly did it respectfully. Hopefully for him they will take the hint.

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