RECRUITING: Five Star Logan-El Enjoys Visit

Forestville (MD) offensive lineman Antonio Logan-El showed up on the campus of the University of Florida for the first time this past weekend. The large 6-6, 310 pound lineman ended up with a great impression of the Gators, much like many other visitors to the campus.

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After favoring Maryland and or Penn State throughout most of the process, Logan-El says that the Gators have as good a chance right now as any other college recruiting him to land his services. He was certainly impressed with the visit -- maybe more than most would have expected.

"The Gators are in it 100%," Logan-El said Monday. "They are in it as much as anyone else, especially after what I saw over the weekend. It was great. I really got a chance to talk to some of the players and meet the coaches. I just had a real good time. With the academic and the athletic program that Coach Meyer is putting together, the impression I left with was a great impression, so they are very much in it."

A hulking "Baby Gator" hosted Logan-El on his visit -- Super OL Carl Johnson, who is already enrolled. Johnson is trying to keep his promise of helping to build the nation's best offensive line.

"Big Carl Johnson was my host," Logan El said. "He showed me around and showed me the dorms. He told me what it was like as a new guy coming to Florida and how he loved it so far. I also talked to Tim Tebow and some of the young kids that went through the process like I am on why they chose Florida."

"The best part of the trip was probably meeting all of the coaches and players. You get a good feel of the place once you meet guys they recruited and try to build their program around. The players didn't hold anything back. They told me pretty much everything I wanted to know."

Still, it seems a little maybe a little crazy that Logan-El would be considering the Gators after liking a couple of other schools so much throughout the process. Logan-El gives an explanation for that...

"There are different aspects to each school that kept them all in the hunt," he said. "They all have an edge for different things. That is why I have a value system that I and my grandfather created and it'll allow me to look at things I am interested in and see how each school matches up."

"Most likely, Florida had an edge on how their players feel so comfortable there and how they showed such a family atmosphere. They cared for one another and wouldn't let anyone leave anywhere alone. It was just a family atmosphere."

After realizing that it's the "people" that seems to make the difference at the University of Florida, Logan-El admitted that one coach stood tall during his visit. "Coach Meyer made the biggest impression on me on the trip," he said. "After talking to him and him expressing to me their need for offensive linemen, he really impressed me."

The value system he and his family have designed to help in his decision making process will kick in very soon. With a little more than a week to come to final decision, Logan-El will sit down with his family and go through the process of evaluating each school.

"My grandfather and my mother will play a big role in the decision and they both went with me on the trip," he said. "I haven't gotten a chance to talk to them about it just yet. We will do it sometime this week, talk about every school and come up with a decision. I am going to make my decision on January 24th."

There are some core reasons that Logan-El will base much of his decision on. All factors weigh in but a few are definitely at the top:

"Different things such as player-coach relationships, academics, is the school moving up or falling off now will weigh into the decision," he said. "The level of respect that a degree from that school will have is important. You can get a degree from anywhere but some carry more of a respect and dignity or prestige than others. Living environment is another one."

He already has an idea what he will major in at the next level.

"I am looking into sports management and a minor in business," he said. "Florida has a great Sports Management program."

During the recruiting process, some coaches have pegged Logan-El in a different position. "A lot of coaches have told me that I am a defensive lineman playing offensive line," he said.

"I go out there and have a lot of fun and my goal is to go out there and dominate and win my one–on-one battle every play. They say a play only lasts six seconds and if I give 100% for six seconds, by doing that I win my one-on-one battle. I believe if every player in a game wins that one-on-one battle every play, they will win that game. That is my goal, to win my one-on-one battles."

Antonio Logan-El has a level head and seems to know exactly what he wants out of his college choice. He will be a positive acquisition for whatever college team receives his signed letter of intent on signing day. The Gators seem to have a good chance here, thanks to his impressive weekend visit.

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