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What college football program has the most active players (as of last Friday) in the National Football League? After a few hours of research, the outcome may surprise you. Two teams field the most active players in the NFL... one no brainer and one BIG surprise.

I was curious the other day as to what college football program had the most NFL players from the three Florida powerhouses – Florida, Florida State and Miami. After thinking about it, I randomly selected some schools in each conference (22 in all) and here is what I uncovered. My source was Ourlads Scouting Services. Take a look inside the numbers as some of this data will surprise you. These are numbers of players from each school on an NFL active roster as of Friday, May 24.

Florida (52)
Notre Dame (52)
Florida State (51)
Tennessee (50)
Ohio State (48)
Miami (47)
Michigan (45)
Georgia (43)
Nebraska (40)
USC (40)
Texas A&M (37)
Virginia (37)
Penn State (36)
LSU (35)
North Carolina (35)
Wisconsin (35)
Virginia Tech (32)
Washington (31)
Clemson (30)
Colorado (30)
UCLA (28)
Texas (28)
Oklahoma (15)

A few things surprised me. First of all, I thought Florida State would have the most players in the league. I have always assumed that the top three would be FSU, Florida and Miami but I didn't think Florida would have the most of the three, even though it can not get any closer.

What amazed me even more was Notre Dame. Here is a team that has not produced a first round pick since 1999 and has one in the last five drafts. Lets face it, Notre Dame in the last few seasons as not been the typical Notre Dame. Despite the hard times for the Irish, they are still producing NFL talent.

It is no surprise that Tennessee, Ohio State and Michigan are near the top of the list, especially the Vols. Does Georgia surprise some folks? I know one thing, they have had some outstanding recruiting classes over the years.

Inside the numbers is a segment I hope to bring to the site each week. Lets talk about it on the Message Boards.

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