VETTEL: Upset Tonight? Ain't No Way!

When Florida hosts Savannah State in the O'Connell Center Wednesday night it will be perhaps the greatest mismatch in school history. Think about it, 16-0 ranked #2 against 1-17, perhaps the second-best team in Savannah, Georgia behind the intramural champs at the School of Arts and Design. You know the old adage "on any given day..."


A Savannah State win would rank with the great upsets in the history of earth. It would rank right up there with Lyle Lovett nailing Julia Roberts and Dan Quayle becoming Vice President. Or France winning a war… ANY war! It would be like Rhode Island conquering China or a Louisiana directional school capturing the BCS. It would be as shocking Roseanne Barr being named Miss America, me being diagnosed anorexic or Franz being at a loss for words!

It Ain't Happening!

Billy Donovan was asked if this is the kind of game where he worries about his players getting injured. "I worry about everything", Donovan said. "I really do, that's my nature. You hate to get anybody hurt. I've often said this, I would be more disappointed about an injury if two guys are horsing around in the locker room and one of them breaks his arm. When you step across the lines to play and compete, you're always putting yourself at risk. Injuries are never good for anybody, regardless of who we're playing. It could be some else other than Savannah State on Wednesday. It could be we're playing against Ole Miss and God forbid something happens. So you hope that every game your team gets through it health-wise."

Gator Home Schedule Horribly Weak

Billy Donovan has talked often about his schedule having balance, but this year there is a gross imbalance. Florida has faced one quality team at home outside the SEC in Florida State. That's it. The next-best team on the home schedule is probably 7-7 UCF. Then you have to look at Albany, which is now 10-6 thanks to a 5-0 start in their conference. The Gator home schedule includes Alabama State, Jacksonville, Morgan State and now Savannah State. That quartet is a combined 5-59. That's just a joke.

As a season ticket holder (including the required "contribution") I find it disappointing to see so many mismatches. Florida needs to work harder at finding more home-and-home game with teams like Providence, Texas, Maryland, Michigan State and Louisville who have all made their way (or will) to the O'Dome in recent years. Some obvious opponents are Georgia Tech, NC State, South Alabama, and New Orleans. I'd love to see Texas on the schedule every year in every sport.

I'm not saying you want to over-schedule as some teams do, but you have to have something better than four of the 20 worst teams in America. Billy Donovan says he's trying to upgrade the home schedule, but it isn't easy.

"When you're going to play against another school from a another 'high major' conference, there is some negotiating and bargaining. Where's it gonna start? Some teams would rather play neutral site games; we'd rather play home games. I think that next year, or very soon we have to have a quality team a non-conference team in the building. That's something we're trying to do as best we can."

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