RECRUITING: Allen Walker: "Pretty good visit"

Mississippi native Allen Walker compared the Florida and Ole Miss' campuses after returning from his visit to Gainesville. He said that he'll have time to sit and evaluate the positives and negatives over the next few days before arriving at his decision later this week.

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"It was a pretty good visit," Walker said. "I toured the campus. That was the first time I got to do that there. I really wanted to see the campus. It's big. Gainesville is more of campus town. It's just a lot bigger than their (Ole Miss) campus. I like both of them, but they're different. It's smaller and you can get around better (at Ole Miss)."

Walker said that he simply hasn't had time to digest everything that he experienced in Gainesville.

"I haven't had a chance to sit down and go over everything," he said. "I'm just going to compare the two campuses and everything and I'll probably make my decision at the end of the week. Ole Miss' is the leader. You could say that Florida closed the gap. But yeah, Ole Miss' has to be the leader. I don't know if that will change."

The four star athlete met several of the leaders on the Florida squad and seemingly enjoyed seeing how they interacted with one another. "They (Florida) told me that I'm their #1 safety, he recalled. "Mississippi wants me as a wide receiver. It really doesn't matter to me where I play. It was a lot of fun hanging around (Chris) Leak, (Andre) Caldwell, (Dallas) Baker, and (Tavares) Washington. They're good guys. They had a lot of good things to say about Florida. But, I'm comfortable in Mississippi."

While Walker didn't actually say that he's going to Mississippi, he didn't leave much room for doubt in my mind. He said that he wanted to experience the Florida campus and it just didn't appear to be the right fit.

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