RECRUITING: Bryan Thomas - "It was tight!"

The end of a recruiting weekend at the University of Florida for a recruit is much like a game weekend for the Gator players. It is non-stop and by the time Sunday rolls around, they just want to take a break from it all. Zephyrhills safety Bryan Thomas is already committed to the Florida Gators, but he was shown enough attention this weekend with all the other 15 prospects in attendance to merit the exhaustion.

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At 6-2, and 192 pounds, Thomas is a hard hitting electrifying safety prospect who can dazzle with the hit or with the ball in his hand. His play on the field made him a top priority for urban Meyer and the Gators, and they were able to land his oral commitment in late November. After I contacted Dustin Doe briefly today in the middle of a nap, I found out Thomas needs a little break too.

"I am unpacking my clothes," Thomas said. "I am about to lay down myself."

The visit started on Friday and continued through Sunday morning. He stayed busy the entire time. He was hosted on the weekend by freshman linebacker Ryan Stamper.

"I got there Friday evening and everyone was sitting around meeting people and getting reacquainted," he said. "My host was Ryan Stamper. He is a great guy, cool, down to earth. He isn't going to beat around the bush and will give you the honest truth. Most people are going to smooth things and tell you how good their school is. . He is just honest. You can tell when someone is shooting you some junk. I could tell he was telling the truth."

After a little bit of a night on the town, Saturday started early and there was a full day of meetings and festivities.

"We got up bright and early Saturday morning and ate breakfast," he said. "Then we went and met the professors and people in our major. We met with academic advisors and tutors and all of that. We then went to the media room and talked football. The players and recruits split the room. Coach was at the podium and talked, and then all the coaches left the room and gave the floor to the players to give some insight on the team. Brandon Siler stood out the most. He could run for President."

"We made it to the lake, and it was nice, the food was great."

"We went out at night and it was tight. We went to different places and they showed us a good time."

One thing that continues to impress Thomas is the attention to detail by Head Coach Urban Meyer. Meyer seems to be able to maximize his time, even when confronted with 16 players to recruit.

"I talked with Coach Meyer and he was so busy with so many recruits there, I was surprised he talked to me as much as he did," Thomas said. "He just told me he was looking forward to having me there and glad to see me and my family." Thomas gave us a heads up about a couple of new prospects that will likely join the Gator family. It certainly was a ‘Gator love' weekend.

"A couple committed, but I don't want to say who," he said.

With all the hoopla and the good food, there was really nothing new Thomas took away from the weekend. Mr. Diligence, he has researched and been to Gainesville enough to know everything to expect.

"Nothing really changed about what I thought about the University of Florida," he said about the trip. "I pretty much knew everything about it, because I have been there so many times since the spring."

Bryan Thomas is an athlete that will wow everyone on the field. He is also the kind of person that the Gator football staff is happy to fill their roster with. Gator fans will enjoy Thomas as a future Gator.

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