RECRUITING: The Well-Rounded Corey Hobbs

Oviedo's Corey Hobbs is not your typical All-American defensive lineman. Sure, he has an explosive first step and speed to the ball. But, Hobbs is as intelligent and well-spoken as any recruit in the country. He hopes to pursue a degree in medicine once he arrives on campus.

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Quickness. Smarts. Family-oriented. Speed. Assertive. Teammate. Strong. Confident. Humble. Decisive. Goal-oriented. Respectful.

It basically all adds up to Corey Hobbs being a well-rounded individual and an ideal teammate. He is perfect for Urban Meyer. Perfect for the Florida program. Ask anybody and they'll tell you. Look at his accomplishments and they speak for themselves.

Oviedo Coach Greg Register was all too happy to talk about Hobbs. The man Hobbs refers to as "Coach Reg" acknowledged that his star defensive lineman is one sharp guy who will make everybody at Florida proud. He should know. Register will have two players (Clint McMillian and Hobbs) on the Florida defensive front next season.

"He is not a selfish guy," Register said. "Corey is a guy who puts the benefits of the team and the people around him first and foremost. He is a quiet leader. We don't have a lot guys that are rah-rah type guys. We like those guys that lead by example and are humble. That's exactly what he brings. You can always count on him for that."

The Gator Gang at the US Army Bowl (Photo courtesy Mrs. Hobbs)

"He (Hobbs) doesn't have the pure quickness that Clint had, but he gets off the ball extremely quick and has the lower body strength," Register said. "He'll have to work on his upper body strength at the next level. I'm sure Coach Meyer will have them working, so I don't anticipate a problem there. You won't have to ask if he is working. He will. He'll be ready soon."

Hobbs visited the Florida campus this weekend and spent some time with future teammate Jim Tartt, who is expected to play a key role on the Gators offensive front. Tartt and Hobbs are avid outdoorsmen, who like to spend their free time hunting and fishing. They have already established that a visit to Sopchoppy (Tartt's hometown) is on the horizon.

I noticed at a U.S. Army All-American Bowl East practice session that Hobbs and fellow commit (linebacker) Brandon Spikes were having a lot of fun while the offensive coaches were providing directives for a few of their players. Hobbs and Spikes were joking and providing some amusement for those of us taking notes and photos of the session.

"These guys really get along so well," Cynthia Hobbs', Corey's mother said after visiting the Florida campus. "They really have formed a bond with each other. They just enjoy each other's company."

Those bonds are exactly what Florida Coach Urban Meyer wants to see in his program. Meyer acknowledged during the week of the Outback Bowl that it wasn't happening fast enough, but that the team camaraderie had indeed improved.

"I can't say enough about Coach Meyer," Hobbs said last week. "He wants a top program and wants all of us to represent the best in everything that we do. He's the type of coach that I knew I wanted to play for. And I can't say enough about the academics and facilities at Florida. There was really nothing left to consider."

Hobbs accomplishments include a nearly perfect GPA (3.8) and an attitude that is representative of everything Florida fans want from the players in the Gators program. It's obvious that he was raised right. He is accountable, and has made some outstanding decisions that are already paying dividends in his youth. Meyer calls them the 1% of the 1%. It all breaks down to Corey Hobbs' being one well-rounded individual- and somebody that you can count on as your teammate.

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