Q&A with Danny Wuerffel

[MEDIA:32872]<BR> Washington Redskin quarterback and former Heisman Trophy Winner <B>Danny Wuerffel</b> talks exclusively with UFI. Here, he discusses his new home with the 'Skins, being back with Coach Spurrier, his battle with Shane Matthews and much, much more.

Danny Wuerffel was the golden boy of the Steve Spurrier era, winning a Heisman Trophy, a National Title and the admiration of Gator fans everywhere. In 1997 he was selected in the 4th round by the New Orleans Saints, where he would spend three seasons throwing for 1,400 yards and 9 touchdowns. In 2000, he spent a summer with the Rhein Fire where he won the World Bowl and made All League. He then bounced from Green Bay to Chicago last season. Wuerffel is now reunited with his college coach in Washington and he now has his best opportunity to thrive in the NFL.

Ack: How is it being back with Coach (Steve) Spurrier?
DW: It's great. He is the best offensive coordinator in football and has an exciting style of play. Coach really gives the quarterback a chance to grow and be successful.

Ack: Can his style be successful at this level?
DW: Yes, because he is the ball coach. He knows how to adjust and attack all different looks and defenses. He has done it at every level so why not here?

Ack: Is this your best opportunity in the NFL?
DW: Yes… The NFL is about being in the right place at the right time and with this opportunity to compete for the job I am in the right place.

Ack: Do you think you will win the job?
DW: I believe in myself and coach Spurrier's system. We have four great quarterbacks and it will be a fun competition. Coach Spurrier will put the guy in who gives the Redskins the best chance to win.

Ack: What about competing with Shane (Matthews)?
DW: We were teammates last year and he is a great quarterback. We are very similar in that we read defenses the same and understand how to think our way through quarterback decisions.

Ack: Do you pull for eachother?
DW: Yes… when he is in I want him to do well and he always tells me good job and so forth. We both like to compete and want to win and that makes it fun.

Ack: Is it tough seeing Shane in number 6?
DW: Yes because I have always called him "Niner". We now both have different numbers (Wuerfflel #17) so I guess I will have to call him "Sixer".

Ack: How has the offense progressed since the first mini-camp?
DW: It really has gotten smoother because the wide receivers are getting a better grasp of where to go and when to break off their routes. So much with Coach Spurrier's offense is timing and the only way to get that down is with repetition. It really is starting to look good.

Ack: Last year you were on a 13-3 Bears team. How good can the Redskins be this season?
DW: Real good. We have the best defensive mind in football in Marvin Lewis and great athletes on defense (just like Chicago). With Coach Spurrier's offense and him calling the plays we can be real explosive on offense. I think we are going to be awfully good.

Ack: Are you a college football fan?
DW: My wife is. I am a gator fan and follow them but she loves to watch college football and the Gator games as well. She may be more into it than I am.

Ack: What did you think of Rex Grossman?
DW: He is outstanding. What he accomplished and did was remarkable. Rex really had a grasp of Coach's offense and how it is supposed to be run. I am impressed with his ability to adjust and how competitive he is.

Ack: That sounds familiar?
DW: Yeah in coach Spurrier's system those are good traits.

Ack: Do you think much of your Gator playing days?
DW: Absolutely… Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I look back to see how fortunate I was to play at the University of Florida, win all those SEC titles and the National Championship. It almost seems like a dream. The fans were the best and have always treated me good. To play for Coach Spurrier was very rewarding as well.

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