Hollywood Bob's Private Screening -The Latest

Every day that National Signing Day draws closer, the rumors come from left and right about any and all the Gator commitments. A former Gator head coach once told me of early commitments: "Sometimes it is harder to keep them than to land them." For the most part the staff has done an exceptional job of keeping the birds in the nest. Of course, it isn't over until the letter of intent is faxed in. We have the very latest with all of our sources conveyed right here!

Rules for the Screening: Any and all of the Private Screenings should be viewed as somewhat sensitive material. It is for the viewing of Gator fans and Gator fans only. Do not post the information elsewhere. Trust me, we have moles everywhere and we can find out exactly who you are for posting the information. If you post this information elsewhere, we will ban you from this board.

Step Inside to Hollywood Bob's Private Screening...

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