Prospect 2003: Jordy Lipsey - Center

[MEDIA:32874]<BR> UFI caught up with super-center prospect <b>Jordy Lipsey</b> and asked him about spring practice, what he is doing this summer, his favorite schools, and much more. Lipsey's father also spoke with UFI and talked about his son's reaction after an unofficial visit to UF that they went on about a month ago.

Jordy Lipsey is perhaps the top center in the state of Florida and among the top centers in the nation as well.  He plays for Lake Brantley High School in Longwood, Florida, where they recently finished up Spring Practice.  Lipsey said spring practice, "went very well."  All throughout the spring there were scouts from a number of different schools.  Lipsey said, "Every scout there made me play harder because I thought someone was watching me.  I was excited to see all of them there."


Lipsey has offers from schools as far south as Miami, to as far north as Boston College, and as far west as Stanford.  He has just about twenty in all.  Florida is among the schools that has sent him a written offer.  Of those twenty or so schools that have offered him scholarships he is focusing his attention right now on six schools: Stanford, Northwestern, Virginia, Miami, Florida, and Vanderbilt.  Lipsey's comments on his top 6 schools were as follows: "Miami and Florida speak for themselves.  They are close [to home], but distance really doesn't matter.  Their football teams are the best in the world.  The other four, they have great academics.  Their academic programs are phenomenal.  I am looking for a school that can compete both academically and athletically."


About a month ago, Lipsey spent the day with Coach Zook and Coach Wickline on an unofficial visit to Florida.  His dad said, "They showed us around campus and stuff and it was really great.  He just loved Coach Zook and Coach Wickline.  He thinks so much of them."  However Lipsey is keeping an open mind and claimed no favorites other than his top six.


One thing is for sure, Lipsey will not let laziness be the reason he does not accomplish his goals this upcoming year.  He said he wakes up at 5:20 a.m. to go to a 5:45 workout session at school.  After he finishes at school he goes over to an independent training complex where a personal trainer puts him through an acceleration workout.  During this workout he is trying to improve his speed, agility and quickness.  He then returns back to school at around 1 or 2 in the afternoon where he finishes up whatever exercises he did not get to in the morning session. 


His personal goal for this upcoming season is to be a, "First of first team all-American."  But he admitted that team goals are more important than individual goals.  His goals for his team is to, "win states and have fun." 


Qualifying should not be a problem for Lipsey as he currently has a 3.7 GPA and has scored a 1060 on the SAT.  He re-took the SAT this past Saturday in hopes of attaining a certain mark that he has set for himself. 

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