Hollywood Bob's Post NSD Private Screening #2

The drama continues as Hollywood Bob takes you behind the scenes for his Post Signing Day Private Screening (Part 2). Bob will give you the REAL INSIDE SCOOP on the situations that led to signings and missed signings of a lot of prospects the Gators were after.

Tonight we continue on with the 2006 prospects and the wide receivers the Gators got and the ones that got away. He has stories on the five committed receivers and eleven more that didn?t make it in. Some stories that will make you go, "Aaaahhh, so that's why?"

Come on in to Gator Country's Bull Gator Den message board and get the inside scoop on what led to the number one recruiting class in the country.

We will start with the prospects that actually signed with Florida. Surprisingly the one that would be least expected to do so, was the one the staff had a problem with right before he publicly committed. None of the Gator receiver signees ever wavered after they finally committed publicly.

Now, onto the screening...

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