LAST CHANCE: Gator 2006 Recruiting Yearbook!

Today is your last chance to get our widely acclaimed and exclusive 2006 Gator Recruiting Yearbook! By subscribing (or upgrading) to a 3 month or annual subscription TODAY, you'll have a copy reserved just for you as well as Scout's National Recruiting Yearbook!

Fellow Gators, here's your last opportunity to snag a copy of our "too cool" 2006 Gator Recruiting Yearbook which is the ONLY recruiting guide that focuses exclusively 100% on the Florida Gators. This isn't a national publication with a few pages devoted to the Gators... It's all 100% FLORIDA GATORS and there is nothing else on the market!

The Fightin' Gators Recruiting Guide will have loads of information on the incoming class including photos, in-depth player and class analysis, player profiles, rankings, and more. There is no better way to get the scoop on our incoming Gators.

Our final deadline is February 15th, so if you'd like to reserve a copy, make sure you subscribe or upgrade today to a 3 month or annual subscription!

Here's some of what our Fightin' Gators 2006 Recruiting Yearbook will be stuffed with to cover the #1 Recruiting Class in the Nation:

  • Individual profiles of all 27 signees

  • Q&A with Chuck Heater

  • In-depth Recruiting Class evaluation

  • A behind-the-scenes, chronological look at assembling the recruit class

  • Features on Percy Harvin, Riley Cooper, Jarrod Fayson, and Corey Hobbs

  • And much more...

Wait, there's more! You'll also receive the 2006 Recruiting Guide which will give you a national perspective on 2006 recruiting including national rankings for our incoming Gators. Both of these Recruiting Guides are yours free with an Annual Total Pass from, plus you'll receive a year of and 10 issues of Fightin' Gators magazine. What a sweet deal for Gator fans!

You've got to order by our deadline on February 15th to be able to receive all of this... Copies are limited! Follow this link to reserve your 2006 Fightin' Gators Recruiting Guide today:

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(Here's what our 2006 and 2005 Yearbooks look like...)

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