Hollywood Bob's Post NSD Private Screening #4

Finally, here's the last installment out of four parts exposing what went behind the scenes prior to National Signing Day for the Gators' 2006 Recruiting Class. It's been a labor of love and brought back some laughs and memories of some wild moments for the number one class in the nation. In this final Post NSD Edition, I'll cover the linebackers and defensive backs. Step right on in for the end of an epic saga where you'll get the real inside scoop as to what really happened!

First, let me take a quick step back and fill in some extra tidbits left out of the last Private Screening...

I think Daron Rose got a little wishy-washy on the Gators because the staff probably got a little wishy-washy on him at one point. There was a point in time when it seemed the staff really cooled off on him. I think it has to do with the thought that they were possibly getting Young in the class, but more so it was they thought Rose was a little too soft for their liking. Near the end they wanted him, but they weren't going to wait on him, so he got the ultimatum. He declined, the staff moved on. It's really that simple.

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