Q&A with Ingle Martin

[MEDIA:32872]<BR> Back up quarterback <B>Ingle Martin</b> talks with UFI about Steve Spurrier, the coaching change, the new staff, his role and a whole lot more!

He burst onto the scene by completing 14of 20 for 145 yards in the Orange and Blue game. Gator fans now know him. Ingle Martin was the top rated player in the state of Tennessee as a senior in high school. Although his high school was an option team he was convinced that he wanted to play for Steve Spurrier and the Fun and Gun Gators. After convincing the Head Ball Coach he was worthy of being a Florida quarterback, he red-shirted and sat back, viewing one of the best seasons in history. His "Coach" left, but the new staff has really made him feel like one of their own.

Ack: What are you doing for the summer A term?
Ingle Martin: Working as an intern with a law firm in my hometown of Nashville. I work till 2 pm everyday and I then go workout and throw.

Ack: No fun at all?
Ingle: Oh yes, in a couple of weeks I am going to spend a week with my sister in Maine and catch a couple of Red Sox games.

Ack: Did Spring go like you thought it would?
Ingle: Pretty much. I thought I came along pretty well during practice. The key was repetitions. The more experience you get the easier things come to you.

Ack: Did you expect such a media reaction to your spring game performance?
Ingle: No not really. I think I played all right. I guess it was just a relief to a lot of people that we have someone behind Rex who could move the team.

Ack: What about your performance in the spring game?
Ingle: I just tried to move the chains… that's the quarterback's job… do not make mistakes by forcing throws and drive your team for points.

Ack: What about your label as a running quarterback?
Ingle: Running is just an added option for our offense. I go through my reads and if nothing is there God has given me the ability to use my legs to move the ball. In the spring game at times the linebackers were dropping so far that I became the fourth option by being able to run for ten yards.

Ack: You chose to come to Florida to be with Spurrier. Is it tough that he went to the NFL?
Ingle: Sure it was. He and the entire staff are the reason I wanted to be a Gator. Coach Spurrier was a great person and his offense and the University's education really made me want to come here.

Ack: That being said, how has the transition to Zook's staff been?
Ingle: They say God works in mysterious ways and when Coach left I did not know what to expect. But Mr. Foley (Athletic Director) went out and hired the right people. Coach Zook, Zaunbrecher, Fedora and Thompson are great coaches, as well as people too. They are the same type as the coaches who I wanted to come play for so it has been great.

Ack: If you could have scripted an offense to change to is this one perfect?
Ingle: Absolutely. It's like my offense in high school in that whatever works use it to move the ball and score points. Coach Spurrier's offense was great and was all about throwing the ball, but this one gives us the flexibility to attack defenses every which way and that's really what best suits my ability.

Ack: How important will the Summer B term be for you when you return?
Ingle: Very important. Last year was getting acclimated; this year is about getting better. I will work hard on my mechanics with Rex and Jeff and throw with the receivers. The key to success is being consistent and by working hard in Summer B with the team I think I can become consistently better. Does that make sense? More repetitions equals more consistency.

Ack: The receivers are under great criticism; do you guys (Rex, etc.) have confidence in them?
Ingle: We think we have the most talented athletes in the conference. Taylor [Jacobs] is as good as Kelley Washington and none including them have guys like Carlos, Kelvin, Matt and OJ to go to as second receivers. I think they will step up and prove that they belong with the Gator receivers of the past.

Ack: Have you thought about preparing each week as the guy who is one play away from replacing Rex Grossman?
Ingle: Not yet but I will prepare each week as if I am going to play and I will learn a lot from Rex in camp and the summer. I have a lot to learn but it is going to be fun.

Ack: How has your hometown treated you since you have been home?
Ingle: Everyone says they hope I play a lot and that would be great. But I tell them that I hope Rex wins the Heisman, we win the SEC and I just get mop up duty.

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