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[MEDIA:33888]<BR> I was real curious how the Southeastern Conference standings broke down over the last 50 years or so. It is quite obvious that the Crimson Tide have the most wins and titles in the SEC. How do the Gators stack up? What about the other programs like Tennessee, Auburn, Georgia, etc? So I went back to <B>1950</B> and here is what I uncovered "Inside the Numbers".

Over the last 52 years, it is no surprise that Alabama has won the most in-conference games in the SEC.  The Crimson Tide also have 17 conference championships.  It took the University of Florida 58 years to officially win their first title in 1991.  During the last 12 seasons, the Gators have made a great run in the won-loss column to skyrocket up the SEC overall standings since 1950.  Let's take a look "Inside the Numbers".

SEC Conference Records since 1950

(1999) Alabama (17)
(2000) Florida (6)
(1998) Tennessee (9)
(1989) Auburn (5)
(1982) Georgia (7)
(2001) LSU (6)
(1963) Ole Miss (5)
(1977) Kentucky (3)
(1941) Mississippi State 
(1952) Georgia Tech (2)
South Carolina
(1939) Tulane
*In Parenthesis is last SEC Title won and the number of titles won since 1950

SEC Conference Records 2000 & 2001 Seasons

Florida (1) 14-3
Tennessee 12-5
LSU (1) 11-6
Auburn  11-6
Georgia 10-6
South Carolina 10-6
Ole Miss 8-8
Alabama 7-9
Arkansas 7-9
Mississippi State 6-8
Kentucky 1-15
Vanderbilt 1-15
*In Parenthesis is the number of SEC Titles won in that decade
  • Florida won 74 SEC games during the decade of the 90s, the most ever.  But the Gators also had an advantage in that they played more conference games and also played in 7 SEC championship games.
  • Since the SEC expanded to 12 teams and created two divisions, with the winners playing in the conference championship game, only Florida, Tennessee, Alabama and LSU have won the title.  Florida and Tennessee have always represented the East while Ole Miss is the only team from the SEC West not to make it to the title game.
  • Since 1950, the decade of the 90s was the most successful for Mississippi State in regards to conference wins.  They also played in the SEC Championship game in 1998 and won the SEC West.  1941 was the first and last time the Bulldogs won the SEC.
  • Arkansas and South Carolina joined the SEC in 1990 but didn't start league play until 1992.
  • LSU won an SEC Title in every decade during this span except for the 1990s.  LSU is the 2001 SEC Champion.

SEC Conference Records 1990-1999

Florida (5) 74-11
Tennessee (3) 65-15-1
Alabama (2) 53-30-2
Auburn 40-36-3
Georgia 40-37-1
Mississippi State 37-41-1
Ole Miss 33-45
LSU 31-46-1
Arkansas 29-34-2
Kentucky 24-54
South Carolina 19-44-1
Vanderbilt 14-64
*In Parenthesis is the number of SEC Titles won in that decade
  • Georgia won the most games (47) during the 1980s.  They also won three consecutive conference titles from 1980-1982 winning 18 SEC games with zero losses during that span.  Shockingly, 1982 was also the last time they won the SEC Championship.
  • Auburn won or shared four SEC Titles in the 1980s.  In 1983, they won the championship outright.  Their last title came 26 earlier in 1957.
  • Nobody won the SEC Title in 1984.  Florida had the league's best record but they could not win the championship because of rules violations.  Ironically, the same thing happened to the Gators in 1990.

SEC Conference Records 1980-1989

Georgia (3) 47-14-1
Alabama (1) 42-19-1
Auburn (4) 40-21-1
Tennessee (2) 37-23-2
Florida 37-24-1
LSU (2) 35-23-4
Ole Miss 22-39-1
Mississippi State 17-45
Kentucky 16-46
Vanderbilt 11-50-1
*In Parenthesis is the number of SEC Titles won in that decade
  • During the decade of the 70s, Alabama won an incredible 61 conference games and won or shared 8 SEC titles.  They are the only conference team to win a title in every decade since the SEC was founded in 1933.
  • Did you know that Kentucky shared 2 conference titles in 1976 and 1977?

SEC Conference Records 1970 - 1979

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