RECRUITING: QB Invited to Fri. Night Lights

Jimmy Clausen might be the quarterback garnering the most attention in southern California, and the country for that matter, but there are a number of other extremely talented quarterbacks from the region. One is Samson Szakacsy (6-5, 195) from Camarillo,CA, who threw for 2038 yards and 24 touchdowns last season, completing 72.4 percent of his passes.

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Although he claims no offers, Szakacsy is hearing from college coaches from coast-to-coast.

"I'm getting recruited by a lot of schools right now," Szakacsy said. "The schools that are sending a lot of hand-written letters are Florida, Miami, Notre Dame, Purdue, and Michigan. The schools that visited me at my school are, USC, who's visited twice, Cal, UCLA, Purdue, UNLV and I'm hearing a lot from Stanford. I've talked to Coach Freeman on numerous occasions, so Stanford is looking good and I like Stanford a lot—they're definitely in my top-five.

"I would say my top-five are Stanford, Miami, Florida, Notre Dame and Purdue, but it flucuates every day," Szakacsy said.

"I'm going to take a lot of unofficial visits and I'm actually attending Miami's Junior Day March 4, and I'm hoping to get offered then.

Florida invited me to their ‘Friday Night Lights Camp.' I guess it's a camp/combine for their top-50 recruits in June and I'm hoping to get offered there. I talked to Urban Meyer the other day for about 30 minutes and he said they recruit the top-three quarterbacks in the nation—that was a big compliment. He told me they don't like to offer scholarships to quarterbacks without seeing them in person."

Szakacsy will have an extremely hectic schedule in the spring and fall, visiting schools and attending camps and combines.

‘I'm going to be real busy. I'm going to a Combine. I was going to attend the combine in L.A. and my schedule got changed around because of the different camps and combines, so I'll be going to the Combine at Rutgers. I'll also go to a Nike Camp at either Stanford or USC. I'm leaning toward Stanford because college coaches can attend.

"I'll be visiting Rutgers, Syracuse and I'm thinking about going to Penn State's Elite 11 Camp, so I can check them out—and Pittsburgh too," Szakacsy said. "I'm utilizing these camps to visit schools. That way I can be sure about the schools I like and narrow it down to five before the season starts.

"I have some schools I know in my head if they offered, I'd go. This whole thing about committing early and focusing on school and the season is something I'll consider. I have friends like Kevin Thomas and Josh Pinkard who I talk to about it--the hometown guys.

Would an offer from the Trojans move them into his top five?

"Well, obviously it would because they're USC. So, I have certain schools like that. I'm grateful for all these great colleges paying attention to me, but it would be kind of nice to commit early, get everything out of the way and focus on getting better, and doing well in school. I wouldn't have to worry about the hassles of this and that, and avoid all the strain on my mom and dad. I've talked a little bit about that with Mark Sanchez when I worked with Bob Johnson last summer. There are pros and cons to committing early because the school you pick might not be the best fit."

"I actually spoke to Steve Sarkisian (USC/quarterbacks/assistant head coach) today for about 30 minutes and he said they had just gotten my tape. He broke down my tape and said he thoroughly enjoyed it. He said I made a lot of great plays out of the pocket with my feet and my arm, and said I look like the competitor they want—and said let's get this thing rolling."

The Bruins are also a local school Szakacsy said he's interested in, but they have their eyes on two other southland quarterbacks.

"UCLA is a school I'm interested in, but they've offered Aaron Corp and Chris Forcier, and didn't offer me or Jimmy Clausen," Szakacsy said.

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