Brown Likes Florida and Others

[MEDIA:32874]<BR> <B>Tarell Brown</B> is a speedy cornerback from the Lone Star State. Brown has a slew of offers and speed to burn. He is also a quote machine.

One of the nation's top defensive backs is Tarell Brown from the Lone Star State. He plays running back and cornerback for North Mesquite High School in Texas. As a sophomore, Brown played cornerback. Last season as a junior, he only played running back and rushed for over 1,200 yards and scored 16 touchdowns in eight games. This season, he will start both ways.

"I prefer cornerback and that is what I do best," said Brown. "But I will do what is best for the team. Last season they needed me at running back.

"I love being on that island playing corner. My speed helps but I am a smart player. I know there will always be a guy that is faster.

"I try and get into a receiver's head. I talk to them and get them mad and frustrated. I try and take them out of their game and I am good at that."

Brown is being modest about his speed. He has been clocked running a 10.5 100 meters and is one of the state's fastest prospects. Brown is also a physical corner.

According to Brown, he has scholarship offers from Texas, Texas A&M, West Virginia, Boston College, TCU, UCLA, Baylor, Notre Dame, Colorado, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Michigan State, Kansas State, Nebraska, Penn State, Ohio State, Arkansas and Duke.

"Right now, A&M, Texas, Ohio State, FSU, UCLA and Florida are my favorites but I am actually open to everyone. They have all offered but Florida and Florida State. Both FSU and the Gators have called and we have talked.

"I am looking for a school with coaches that I know that will be there for me. I want to join a family with good chemistry. I have to pick a place where I feel comfortable. They also have to have a great tradition and be a winner because I am a winner. I think I will win every time I step on that field.

"Recruiting has been great. I am honored and shocked that I have this kind of opportunity. I feel blessed but I know it can be taken away from you very quickly. I will take my time and make the decision that is best for me."

Brown carries a 3.65 grade point average. He missed his first two games of his junior campaign because of a knee injury.

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