VETTEL: Dee Webb Has Zero Regrets

While Chad Jackson was more than happy to "settle" for the fastest 40 time at the NFL combine in Indianapolis the other early departure from the Florida Gators decided to run at Wednesday's pro scout day in Gainesville. Dee Webb's decision turned out to be a good one as the cornerback was the fastest at The Swamp with unofficial clockings of 4.31 and 4.38.

Webb also received a lot of positive feedback from the NFL scouts after his agility and positional work was done, and as you might expect, he dropped more than his share of throws when they went through those drills.

Webb right now does not project into the top 20 of the NFL draft, but there's a lot of talk that he will go in the top half of the second round in April. After the workout, Webb spoke with a bunch of media guys including me. Here's what he had to say … he would NOT discuss the recent gun incident.

Media Guys: How do you feel about how you ran today?

Dee Webb: I felt like I ran faster than I did up there (4.41). I didn't feel comfortable up there when I ran it, just out of synch. So I felt like it was best that I come out here and run it again.

MG: Could you tell when you ran that 40 today you had run even better than you had at the combine?

DW: I felt way better running out here because this is my home field. At the combine I felt a little but nervous and things like that. But coming out here in The Swamp me playing three years I felt more comfortable coming out here and doing my thing at my own field.

MG: The next two months (before the draft) what is your game plan?

DW: Just staying in shape and taking my visits. I'm going to try to keep my mind off the job as much as possible.

MG: Do you have any idea where you might go, or is it too early?

DW: I don't know at this point but a lot of teams need cornerbacks. That's where I'm trying to get, one of the top five or top four cornerbacks.

MG: Top four would be a first round pick, is that what you're expecting?

DW: Pretty much. I would never have come out if I weren't considered first or second round material.

LV: Have any scouts pointed out things they think you need to work on?

DW: Mainly they wanted to see me in my ball drills out here today which I think I did pretty good on. That's the only thing they really have questions about me. They wanted to see me back pedal cuz we played a lot of man pressure this year with not a lot of back pedaling. I came out here and did as good as I can do, but I can always get better. They gave me a lot of good compliments as far as my workout so I think I did pretty good right now.

LV: Since you decided to come out and end your Gator career have you had any regrets or second thoughts about the decision?

DW: No second thoughts, never. I would have never came out if I thought I would have second thoughts. I feel like the cornerbacks coming out there are kind of weak and I felt I was one of the top cornerbacks in the SEC. I had one of the top PBU's (passes broken up --- 13) out there and made All-SEC and I thought it was time for me to come out and do my thing in the NFL.

MG: Was the main thing the quality of the other corners coming out this year as opposed to next year?

DW: No it really wasn't that, it wasn't a big deal because I kind of had my mind made up as I was going through the season and things like that. I just decided when I got all the PBU's and All-SEC.

MG: How difficult a decision was it?

DW: It was pretty difficult because I know things right now for UF are going on the rise. It's going to be hard to see these boys around here win a championship and I didn't get one. That's one of the main things that was hard about the decision, because I know Coach Meyer is going to bring this program up from the past year or so. That's one of the hardest decisions I had to make as far as wanting to come back and win a championship my senior year or just go and handle my thing at the next level.

MG: How did the coaches here react?

DW: They were pretty upset, but they said they would be behind me 100 percent whatever decision I made. And that's what they've been doing ever since I made the decision.

* * *

Dee Webb's hopes of being a top five corner seem very realistic at this time but I don't think more than three corners will be first round picks. Virginia Tech's Jimmy Williams is clearly at the top of the list, followed by Ohio State's Ashton Youboty. After that, it gets interesting.

Webb is in a group of four guys that will likely follow those two, but the order is very much in doubt. Antonio Cromartie of FSU was hurt last year, but has the highest ceiling of the quartet. Kelly Jennings from Miami and South Carolina's Johnathan Joseph both offer outstanding speed while Webb is a more polished defender than either of them.

My prediction is Webb goes in round two, somewhere in the 40-50 range overall. That would give him plenty of cash, and a great opportunity to establish himself in the NFL. And, after all that's a pretty good result.

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