Powerful South GA lineman names 2 leaders

[MEDIA:32874]<BR>Lowndes High School in Valdosta, GA is one of the top programs in the state of Georgia, and <b>Blake Bonner</b> is one of the reasons why they will be again this season. Bonner is a powerful interior OL prospect, and he has 2 early leaders.

Blake Bonner - OL

Offensive Line
6-3, 280, 5.0
Valdosta, GA - Lowndes

School Preferences: Florida and Georgia lead LSU, Florida State, and South Carolina.

  • Summer Camps: Florida
  • Strength Numbers: Bench 325, Squat 550

Profile 2003 - Blake Bonner (OL)

Lowndes High School in Valdosta, GA is a perennial powerhouse because of players like Blake Bonner. Bonner is a powerful interior lineman that can play guard or center on the next level. "The Florida coaches called me in May and asked me if I wanted to play guard or center," said Bonner. "I told them I didn't care; I'd play wherever I could help."

Bonner works full time in the summer and won't have a chance to hit many of the summer camps, but he plans on hitting at least one. "Yeah, with my work schedule it is tough for me to get away, but I'll get down to Florida for sure. It's not very far from here to Gainesville. My favorite schools right now are probably Florida and Georgia. I like those 2 and LSU, Florida State, and South Carolina the best. I pretty much like anyone in the SEC though. Florida and LSU are recruiting me the hardest right now."

At 6-3 and 280 pounds with a 550 pounds squat, Bonner has the perfect frame to contribute early on the next level.

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