Profile 2003 - Josh Thompson (DT)

[MEDIA:32874]<BR> South GA Strong-Man <b>Josh Thompson</b> smashed the Nike Camp record with 56 reps on the bench press. He's much more than a work-out wonder though. The well rounded athlete has several offers to play defensive tackle at the next level.

Josh Thompson - DT

Defensive Tackle
6-1, 290, 4.97
Statesboro, GA - Statesboro

School Preferences: Auburn, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia Tech, and Georgia

  • Offers: Auburn, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, and Cincinnati
  • Summer Camps: Auburn, South Carolina, and Georgia
  • Strength Numbers: Bench 440, Squat 650, Clean 325

Profile 2003 - Josh Thompson (DT)

Georgia strong man Josh Thompson walked in to the Nike Camp in Athens, and said he was going to get 60 reps on the bench. Those in attendance kind of chuckled at the though of someone breaking the camp record by more than 10, but then Thompson went to work. While he fell just short of his goal of 60, he still whipped out 56 reps, smashing the previous record by more than 10. It may have been the quietest record breaker in the camp history, as sophomore Justin Ward stepped in an hour later and ripped off 62 reps. It was easily the most impressive display of strength in the history of the camp.

Thompson is more than just a strong man though; he moves extremely well on the field and ran a 5.0 forty at the same camp. His strength and quickness are no secrets to college recruiters, several of which have already tendered Thompson scholarship offers. "So far I have offers from Georgia Tech, Auburn, Kentucky, and Cincinnati," said Thompson. "I'm going to Auburn's 3 day camp this weekend. I'll go to South Carolina on the 22nd, and I'm going to Georgia in July. My favorite teams right now are Auburn, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia Tech, and Georgia. Those are pretty much in order, but they're all pretty even."

While his prowess in the weight room and on the gridiron are impressive, that doesn't tell the whole story on Josh Thompson. He's also a 3.9 student in the classroom. With his work ethic on and off the field, he's going to be a prize recruit for one lucky team next February.

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