Prosepct Update: Shawn Stackhouse (DL)

[MEDIA:32874]<BR> <b>Shawn Stackhouse</b> is a 6-3, 260 pound defensive lineman out of Punta Gorda Charlotte High School. UFI spoke with him about spring practice, his favorite schools, his goals, summer plans and much more.

According to Stackhouse spring practice went, "real good."  However things didn't really get going in the spring for him for about a week or so because his defensive line coach is also the track coach.  But once he finished up with track and got out to the football field Stackhouse said everything went pretty good.  He used spring practice as a time to judge what he needs to work on for this upcoming season.  He said, "I need to work on the little things: my stance, getting my butt a little lower, and learning a couple of moves.  The spring game I had a good chance to see what I needed to work on over the summer."


Stackhouse has had contact with a some schools.  Some of those schools are USF, Dickson, Pitt, WVU, Miami, and FAU.  But his top five right now would be, "FSU, UF, WVU, USF, PITT."  He currently does not have any official offers.  Stackhouse said this about his top five, "I like WVU because they have a pretty decent program. They just got some new coaches and they are recruiting a little differently.  And I was originally born there.  I like FSU and UF because they are great programs.  USF is an upcoming program and a real close school [to home].  There are about three kids from our school there right now.  Pitt is another great program.  They have great facilities and coaches."


He was supposed to attend the Gator Football camp this past weekend but he had his tonsils taken out and that put a lot of his summer plans on hold.  However, he has recovered from that procedure and he will be starting to lift weights within a couple of days.  As to his plans for other camps, he said, "I am going to the down and dirty camp and I might be going to another camp like the USF lineman camp or something like that."


His school has a very strict workout program where they do a lot of conditioning drills, speed drills, and weightlifting.  But Stackhouse said he does, "a lot of things by himself," that the school does not do.


Stackhouse's goals for next year are to, "basically just work on my skills off the line and stuff.  I want to work a lot on moves and getting off the ball, stuff that will better help me get better."


Currently, he has a 2.9 GPA and his latest score on the SAT was 1000. 

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