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UFInsider.com, when it originated back in September of 2001, was dedicated to providing its subscribers with the very best recruiting coverage in the country of the Florida Gators. While this original goal still exists, it has now expanded into a much larger purpose.

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UFInsider is now dedicating itself to providing its subscribers with the very best coverage of ALL aspects of the Gator Athletics program, as well as maintaining its current level of recruiting coverage.  We are more able to do this now for a lot of reasons but one big one is the addition of Brady Ackerman to the team here at UFInsider.  With him being a former player and a Gainesville talk-show host, he has as many connections with the people within the Gator program as any other person has.  He will be covering practices, doing interviews, previewing games, doing post game wrap-ups and much more for UFInsider.    Here is a list of some of the different benefits you get for signing up and joining the UFInsider Club:


  • UFInsider will be covering Gator Football like you have never seen it covered before.  With the addition of Brady Ackerman to the UFInsider team, he will be covering all of the Gator practices and providing updates on how each practice went, complete with commentary and analysis.  This coverage will begin with two-a-days in August, then they will appear after the practices during the regular and post season, and finally Spring Practice will be covered in the same manner.
  • During the week leading up to a Game, UFInsider will have previews and analysis of the Gators opponents.  We will have post game coverage of all the football games, including coach's commentary and analysis on what the Gators did well and what they need to improve on.
  • Ackerman will also be providing exclusive interviews with former and current Gators about how things are going after they left Florida or how things are going now during their time at Florida.  He will also be doing interviews with the Gator coaches.
  • Photo galleries will be set up for you after several different Gator games and practices.
  • UFInsider will do interviews with all of the Gators incoming recruiting class, including breaking news and qualification updates.
  • UFInsider will provide you with updates on how former Gators are doing in the NFL.
  • UFInsider will provide you with the most recent and accurate news concerning the Gator Football program.


  • UFInsider provides daily updates and profiles on the prospects that are considering the Florida Gators for Football and Basketball. 
  • Football players are evaluated and scouting reports are created so that you can see for yourself what all the hype is about the players and why the coaches are or are not recruiting him.
  • UFInsider has a recently created a brand new premium message board called the UFInsider.com Premium Football Recruiting Board.  On this board you will find updates on the prospects the Gators have offered or will soon offer a scholarship to and it keeps a history of those recruits status with Florida.  It is a read-only board so that it will have the effect of the prospects with the most recent updates bouncing to the top of the forum for your quickest and easiest way of following football recruiting.  On this board you will be able to find out if a prospect has received an official offer from Florida because it will say by their name if the offer they claim to have is confirmed or unconfirmed.
  • On our Regular Premium Forum, you will get the opportunity ask some of the most knowledgeable people in the recruiting business, like Jamie Newberg and Scott Kennedy, questions about Gator recruits.  If they do not know the answer they usually can find out the answer for you in a very reasonable amount of time.
  • UFInsider will have video profiles up on the website so you can see for yourself what makes a recruit so special.
  • Have you ever wondered what a recruit's life is like?  Well, UFInsider has just recently started a new feature called Inside the Huddle with Justin Midgett.  This feature will be a weekly diary about what the recruiting process is like.  It will continue all the way throughout the summer and the football season, right up to National Signing Day.


  • UFInsider will have complete coverage of the Gator Basketball season.  Some features you will find are previews of games, post game wrap-ups of games and interviews with Gator coaches.
  • UFInsider will provide you with some highlight videos of the Gator Recruiting class that was just signed so you can judge them for yourself.
  • Interviews will be done with former and current Gators.
  • You will find coverage on how the Gators in the NBA are doing.
  • You will be the first to know about the status of Gator signees and we will try and do interviews with them.
  • UFInsider will provide you with the mo

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