SPRING: A Few Questions With Cornelius Ingram

One player who has everybody's eye this spring is former quarterback Cornelius Ingram, a rising sophomore who is making the switch from quarterback to tight end/H-back. Coach Urban Meyer says that Ingram has the potential to be a great player at Florida. Ingram took time to answer some questions from the media after the first day of spring practice Wednesday afternoon.

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Q: How's it feel to be watching your boys in the Final Four up there in Indianapolis?

CI: Oh man, I get it all the time from the football guys, telling me "You know you wish you were over there" but coming into the basketball season, a lot of people thought that the team wasn't going to be that good, and I can't lie ... I didn't expect the Final Four, but I knew it wasn't going to be a bad team either. I'm happy for them. I'm still good friends with all of them, and I think they're going to pull it out.

Q: How close have you guys on the football team been following those guys?

CI: The whole tournament ... well actually the whole season … you know, a lot of guys come in and talk about the games from past nights, saying that other teams look good. But the way Florida started playing at the end of the season, we kind of knew we had something special over there, so to be honest, I don't know. The word around is that we were a football school but I think the basketball team kinda changed it up.

Q: Do you guys have anything planned for Saturday?

CI: Not right now. I think after the scrimmage, some of the guys might get together and watch the game.

Q: Do you ever think about or wish you'd ever gone back to the basketball team?

CI: Uh...yeah, I can't lie. It crossed my mind a couple of times but I kinda wanted to focus in on football right now, especially with the new position. I wanted to get in and watch film ... you know, take my time and really learn the position. I feel like I had to do that in order to get ready for the position."

Q: How has the switch been for you?

CI: It's kinda hard. Coming from the quarterback position, I've never blocked a day in my life (laughing) but running the routes and catching the ball pretty much comes naturally, and I think my main goal this spring is just to block, and I know Coach Meyer is going to give me the opportunity to play this year.

Q: When Corey Brewer and Lee Humphrey got hurt during the basketball season, was there ever a point where you thought about going back? Did you talk to Coach Meyer about that?

CI: Naa, I didn't. But about the time Lee got hurt with the bike accident, I really thought a lot "Hey maybe I should go back and play basketball." But you know, I told Coach that I was dedicated to the football team, and I wanted to just ride it out.

Q: You've bulked up to about 235 or so, how does it feel carrying all that extra weight?

CI: I mean, pretty good. It seems the same to be honest. You know I think our strength coach is doing a pretty good job with me during the off-season, speaking of the way they made sure I felt comfortable with it and I was able to move the same way I was when I didn't have all that weight. So the strength coaches did a pretty good job and I feel great.

Q: What are your goals for the spring?

CI: I wanna come out and show that I can play another position. You know, show that it's not a real big idea about me changing positions. So hopefully in the spring game I'll catch a couple of touchdowns and we'll go from there.

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