SPRING: A Few Moments With Eddie Haupt

Redshirt freshman center Eddie Haupt missed the entire 2005 season with a back injury that required surgery. He's worked extra hard to rehab his back and now he's ready to become a solid contributor for the Florida Gators this spring. Eddie took a few moments to talk about his back and his goals for spring football.

JR: How's your back feeling, any pain or discomfort at all?

EH: It's feeling good. Everything feels normal.

JR: What kind of progress did you make throughout the spring drills and your workouts up until today?

EH: I made a lot of progress. You know, I worked on everything a football player works on in the off-season. I've been full speed for a while now.

JR: What was it like for you personally sitting out your first year rehabbing your back?

EH: It was hell. I would put it right up there next to death.

JR: What's been the biggest adjustment for you?

EH: The biggest adjustment as of now...I just gotta get stronger. That's the biggest adjustment I need to make. Because I injured my back, I have to sit back a little bit, but I'll get there.

JR: What are your goals for this spring?

EH: I just want to be a guy that the team can trust for me to pull my weight. You know, if that means I'm a starter, then I'm a starter. If that means I play special teams or whatever else...that's fine with me.

JR: They held you a little later than the rest of the crew today at practice...any particular reason?

EH: Just getting my snapping down. I haven't done it in a little while. Just out of habit, because I have a little bit smaller hands, I used to do it a different way. I never really learned how to snap, I just did it. I just did it from how I thought it should be done, but there's a lot of technique.

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