SPRING: A few minutes with Trent Pupello

Trent Pupello is in town for the weekend to get a feel for what he has to look forward to the next four years. Trent's brother Kyle is already on site here in Gainesville this spring, and Trent spent the afternoon watching his brother go through the rigors of Gator football in the 90 degree heat. GatorCountry caught up with Trent for a few minutes after practice to see what he thinks of the offense and find out if he's still looking forward to coming to Gainesville.

JR: What are you doing up in these parts? Did you come up here to watch your brother suffer in this brutal heat?

TP: Yeah, I'm just up here watching my brother, and see if I can take in a few plays while I'm at it. I'm just trying to get a feel for the tempo out here. I'll be here probably the whole weekend.

Trent's brother, Kyle Pupello, at practice. Looks big! He's on the roster as a fullback but also played linebacker.

JR: So what did you think about the practice today?

TP: I like it. I like everything that's going on out here. The tempo is definitely a little faster than what I'm used to, but I'm just out here seeing how fast it is, and I'm sure I'll figure it out when I get here.

JR: What do you think of the offense?

TP: I really didn't get to see that much today, but tomorrow I should get a real good taste of it. I haven't really seen the offense, so I'm just going to get out here and try to learn a little bit.

JR: What do you think about this heat out here? Three or four hours out here has got to be pretty hard on your body.

TP: Oh yeah, it's really hot out here. I'm pretty used to it though, it gets pretty hot back home. I mean it's nice because I'm not that far, so the heat is about the same. I know the heat up here will definitely be a factor though.

JR: So we're all dying to know...are you going to keep growing out that hair or what? It's getting pretty long.

TP: (Laughing) Oh yeah, I'm going to keep growing it out as long as they'll let me. I'll keep growing it out until I get here, but I doubt they'll let me keep it when I get here. I'll probably have to get it cut then.

Trent, like his older brother, is looking very large these days. This young man is going to do some serious damage when he gets to Gainesville.

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