Inside the Huddle w/ Justin Midgett

[MEDIA:32872]<BR><B>Diary</B> installment number two from quarterback <B>Justin Midgett</B>. The Gator commitment talks about his recent camp experience at the University of Florida.

Inside the Huddle with Justin Midgett

Diary - Week 2:

On Thursday, June 13th, my three friends and I, along with our offensive coordinator Larry Marsh, went up to the University of Central Florida day camp. Coach (Mike) Kruczek and coach Darrin Slack were very friendly and welcoming.  The day consisted mostly of throwing routes to receivers and running backs. Coach Kruczek is very knowledgeable and those Super Bowl rings are very impressive. He was extremely complimentary and let it be known that I had a scholarship waiting if I change my mind about UF.

On Sunday, Fathers day, we headed up to Gainesville for the University of Florida camp. We had our first couple of sessions on that day. We woke up at 8 o'clock everyday to eat breakfast, then head out to the practice fields. It was a lot of work, with very little break, but the energetic and fun coaches made it a lot easier to make it through the day.

Working with Coach (Ed) Zaunbrecher was a great experience because I got to get on a personal basis with him. Coach (Ron) Zook was very hands on the whole time working with everyone. All the coaches were friendly and very energetic. I have been to the UF camp for three years and this was the best one yet. We learned more by doing the pass skeleton and reading defenses than we did last year.

I got to meet some great talent from the state of Florida. Quarterback Steven Moffitt was there along with running back Brian Dennison.  Dennison is the one that impressed me most with his footwork, speed, agility, and playmaking ability.

After the last practice session, we were preparing for the awards ceremony and I was approached by Coach Zaunbrecher. He advised me that I would not be getting any QB awards, as I had committed already and they wanted to recognize others. I was very disappointed but immediately decided that the next time I was in their presence I would be even better and they would have no choice but to recognize it. As the awards wound down and everyone received their awards, I saw Coach Zook step up for what I thought was a final word. He then awarded me with the camp MVP. I looked over to Coach Zaunbrecher and he had  a "gotcha" smile across his face. I felt very honored to receive the award and also had to laugh at what Coach Zaunbrecher had done.

All in all, it was a great experience and it made me want to go to Florida that much more.

Justin Midgett #10

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