SPRING: Gators go Man on Man in Practice

Cornelius Ingram's move to tight end provides the Gators with an extraordinarily athletic, fast receiver with sure hands who should create some interesting match-ups for Dan Mullen to utilize. He runs the routes much quicker than his fellow tight ends and on all but one pass, Ingram demonstrated tremendous hands. One aspect of his game that requires immediate addressing is his blocking ability.

Thus far, he has not been impressive when asked to block. Ingram is a powerful athlete who has the necessary physical tools to throw a block. However, from what I've noticed- it appears that he definitely needs to work on his technique and his demeanor. Ingram has to get more aggressive in those situations.

There wasn't a "Circle of Life" drill today. But, the Gators did get after each other in man-on-man drills. One of the biggest blocks was during the one-on-one drills was when Carl Johnson whipped Lutrell Alford knocking him backwards twice. One of the coaches yelled out, "He's just a freshman!" The pair tied up again later with a much better effort out of Alford.

The best block of the drill occurred when Jason Watkins hammered Darryl Gresham. Much to the dismay of defensive coaches, Watkins stayed low and drove Gresham backwards in a hurry.

Louis Murphy has learned that this drill is perfectly suited for the release of any pent up frustrations. Murphy beat Avery Atkins on his first attempt and totally disposed of Terrence Holmes on his second attempt. The coaches got on to Holmes, who didn't appear to be ready when his name was called. Murphy was called out to finish the drill with Nick Brooks, who did well in his turn. Brooks got under Murphy and got him up for a win in the last match-up of the day.

Other offensive players providing solid blocks were Drew Miller on Ryan Stamper, Jim Tartt over Brandon Daniel, and Dallas Baker- who is the most physically aggressive blocker on the team- who pretty well wiped out Reggie Lewis.

Defensive players who fared well in this drill were Joe Cohen who got the best of freshman Maurice Hurt. Jarvis Moss quickly lunged into Phil Trautwein and got him high, pushing him back.

The Gators also worked on kickoff returns. The deep men were Jemalle Cornelius and Anthony Gay. The second group consisted of Chevon Walker and Markus Manson. The third group was Tre McCollum and Nyan Boateng. During the drill, Walker and McCollum dropped the ball.

The coaches worked with the lines on the opposite field. I wasn't able to see too much to review. I saw two good blocks by Jason Watkins. While he wasn't dominating, Watkins challenged and was able to beat Gresham handily.

Trautwein was yelled at by Coach Hevesy to finish his blocks. Simon Codrington, who has quick feet, struggled with his footwork against Moss.

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