Meyer gets a taste of a National Championship

Urban Meyer has finally gotten a taste of the locker room of a national championship winner. Hours after arriving in Gainesville from the Indianapolis where the Gator basketball team won it all, Meyer headed to the stadium and got together with his team and talked about the feeling he saw from the players and staff in the locker room on that side of a national championship.

"It was great," Meyer said. "I wasn't going to do it, but I'm really glad I did. That's a life changing experience," I've never been in a national championship locker room before. I was in a 12-0 locker room. Those kids really deserve it. What a great story."

It's all about the team. That is something Gator Head Basketball Coach Billy Donovan has stressed all season for a team that broke countless school records on the way to becoming the best team in the land. The team concept is what Meyer has also been telling his boys.

"(We) had an hour and half meeting all about that," Meyer said. "Since the beginning of time, in all of athletics, the best team wins. I think sometimes people forget that. The guy that jumps the highest doesn't always win. The best team wins, and that's a great example of that."

The talk may have carried over to the practice field today. On a day where the stands were basically empty to watch practice, the fans that were there were sluggish in the heat while recovering from a days worth of celebration for their basketball team. The team responded like, well, a team.

"We had an excellent day today," Meyer said. "Saturday was ok, the first two days were alright, and today was a great day. I was really pleased with the intensity. We did all those hitting drills like we usually do. It was real intense."

Meyer has been very pleased with the progress of the most well known Gator on campus, well maybe on the football team. His quarterback seems to be turning a page when it comes to maturing as a player. As a senior it is Chris leak's time.

"Chris leak is really doing well," Meyer said. "He's acting like a senior quarterback right now," Meyer said. "I really like his tempo in practice. I really like the way he's taking control. He's holding guys accountable. That position, it's like saying the best team wins – that position needs a general. I didn't feel positive about that last year, but I feel much better now."

There were other stand outs Tuesday.

"Drew Miller had an excellent day…Clint McMillan on the defensive line," Meyer said. "John Curtis is getting some reps. We have an issue with safety. Right now we have Tony Joiner and Reggie Nelson, Kyle Jackson has a sore back, Terrance Holmes has a shoulder injury. Nick Brooks is coming on, but John Curtis has a chance to help us." Meyer has been happy with the progress of a very young but talented offensive line.

"I feel much better," he said. "They're all young and new guys, but the try-hard is there and that is all you want right now."

Meyer added that Jermaine McCollum has a dislocated wrist and will miss the rest if spring.

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