SPRING: Q and A with Kyle Jackson

Kyle Jackson appears to have stepped his game up a notch this off-season. Not only has he proven himself on the field this spring, but he's become a more vocal presence at practice and has really stepped up his leadership role on the defense. Kyle's been nursing a small back injury, but he believes he'll be ready to compete for a starting role this fall...mentally and physically. Gator Country caught up with Kyle for a few questions after practice on Wednesday to see how he's doing.

JR: How are you feeling out there, Kyle?

KJ: Um, pretty good besides this little back injury that I'm battling with. Other than that I'm good.

JR: I'm assuming that's why you've been wearing the yellow jersey these last few practices?

KJ: Yeah, I actually have a bulged disk. I kind of got it after the Outback game. I've been just treating it, and they kind of want me to go through recovery and get it better.

JR: Did you rough it up last week at all, or aggravate it a little?

KJ: Naa...it's just precautionary I guess. I mean it's still bothering me, they don't want me hitting if it's still hurting because, you know, a back is a pretty big deal.

JR: How do you feel about the secondary and it's progress?

KJ: Good. We're going to be strong. I mean, we got people pushing each other, we're slim at corner.

JR: You guys are loaded at safety though...

KJ: At safety, yeah. The safeties are pushing each other every day. We're learning off of each other, and like I said, the corner position we're slim, but Avery and Reggie are both good and they learned from Vernell and D-Webb, so...you know, they were able to step right in and we'll have the corners coming in...the freshmen, pushing them.

JR: What kind of goals for the spring do you have?

KJ: Me...I need to get better. My personal goal...I'm in treatment every day, sometimes twice a day. I'm just trying to get my back better so I can get out there and push these guys. I feel like I'm kind of leader, and I'm sitting out...so they're not looking at me as a leader because I got the yellow jersey on sitting out. So I just gotta get better, and go out and prove to them that I can do it.

JR: I saw you out there on University celebrating the basketball championship...how did that feel for you guys on the football team?

KJ: Wow, I mean, from what it looked like on T.V. it looked like they were having a great time. For the fans, it was fun...like you said, we were out on University...I've never seen anything like that. And everyone's always saying oh you're a basketball school or a football school...we're a sport school; here at Florida, we're academics AND sports.

JR: It fires you guys up for a football title I'll bet...

KJ: Oh yeah...like Joakim said, now it's OUR time to go out there and do it.

Kyle has been participating in all practices and drills. He's been wearing the yellow jersey since they strapped on the pads, but has been full speed and has proven that he's capable of winning the starting spot this fall. It's exciting to think that he's playing at such a high level with an injured back. Hopefully it recovers soon enough so he can be an even more dominant force at safety for the Gators.

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