SPRING: Q and A with Jarvis Moss

Jarvis Moss certainly looks like a bigger ballplayer this spring. He's bulked up to 257 pounds and looks bigger than ever out there. Coach Meyer's stated numerous times already that he's pleased with how Jarvis has started the spring, and it appears it might be a break-out year for this stud defensive end. Gator Country caught up with Jarvis on his way to the locker room after practice this Wednesday to get a feel for how the defensive line is looking out there.

JR: How are you feeling this spring, Jarvis? You were nursing an infection last year about this time...

JM: Yeah, my world is just totally the opposite this year. Last year I was running around all beat up and hurt, I didn't really know what was going on with me. This year I'm just working and getting better.

JR: Do you have any specific personal goals you'd like for this Spring?

JM: Just to get better and make my teammates get better. I'd like to motivate and try to push these guys to jump off the sideline and get on the bus so we can have a good season.

JR: How do you feel about the cohesiveness of this defensive line? You guys have a lot of experience on the D-line this year.

JM: Yeah we do, it'll be a good thing if we can keep everybody healthy. I think we'll have a real good unit this year. The sky's the limit with some of the talent we've got. Derrick Harvey's comin' on. Marcus Thomas is a real good player, and you get Ray back healthy...with him and Joe, we'll have a real good year as a unit.

JR: How is Ray doing, do you know at all?

JM: I really don't know too much. I know the coaches and trainers are pushing him real hard, so...they're the ones that got me better, so I have full confidence that they'll have Ray ready.

JR: How do you feel about the depth on the D-line?

JM: I feel good. We're deep in every position really. We've got back-ups that can come off the bench and make a play. Everybody's just gotta keep working, and like I said, the sky is the limit with our defensive line.

JR: How is the offensive line looking when you square off against these guys? The O-line was a totally different unit last year...do you notice a significant difference at all?

JM: Yeah, to be honest with you, I mean, we got people on the offensive line that are trying to step up and, you know, actually just get better. We've got a lot of tough guys...Jim Tartt, I've always thought in my mind that he's a good player, and I see him coming along real well this spring. Along with Drew Miller and Steve Rissler...he came with me and is kind of the leader of this line, so I got confidence that they'll get their things together.

JR: What were you up to for the basketball championship? Did you get a chance to celebrate at all?

JM: Oh yeah, I went out to University. It was wild out there. I just enjoyed the student body, man, it was great. It only made us real hungry...made our team wanna do the same thing.

There's been a lot of talk about Jarvis being All-SEC this year already. He's definitely gotten the attention of Coach Meyer this spring, and at 6-6 stands out like a sore thumb on the defensive line. Jarvis is expecting to have a huge year this fall, and although it's early spring, this young man appears to be on the path to stardom.

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