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Bob Redman of, Apr 5, 2006
Urban Meyer and company worked on some of the passing offense and defense in this video segment. Gator Country also caught glimpses of the running game offense vs defense from practice. Tune in now!   Full Story

Larry Vettel of, Apr 5, 2006
Most of the national media reports indicated Gator Nation clearly outperformed the other three teams in terms of fan support at the Final Four up in Indianapolis. For those of us relegated to watching on television, it was particularly clear during the Championship game. Gators from all over descended on the RCA Dome to see the greatest moment in Florida basketball history.   Full Story

Brandon Siler / AP PHOTO

Bob Redman of, Apr 5, 2006
It was very sunny and hot out at practice central today. Surprisingly enough there were as few fans out at the practice as I have seen in two years. Maybe a few are recovering from hangovers? Either way, it was a hard practice that Coach Meyer was very happy with and said afterward the team had a good day.    Full Story

Chris Leak / TIM CASEY

Mark McLeod of, Apr 4, 2006
Cornelius Ingram's move to tight end provides the Gators with an extraordinarily athletic, fast receiver with sure hands who should create some interesting match-ups for Dan Mullen to utilize. He runs the routes much quicker than his fellow tight ends and on all but one pass, Ingram demonstrated tremendous hands. One aspect of his game that requires immediate addressing is his blocking ability.   Full Story

Louis Murphy pursued by Tremaine McCollum / CASEY

Bob Redman of, Apr 3, 2006
One player that was very excited to see spring football practice start was Tampa's Andre "Bubba" Caldwell. The 6-1, 200 pound junior missed most of last season when he broke his leg in the third game of the season against Tennessee. It's been an arduous recovery for Caldwell, but he looks like he is ready to play for the Gators this year.   Full Story

Andre Caldwell in action at practice / CASEY

Larry Vettel of, Apr 2, 2006
After just three days of spring football practice it would be foolish to draw too many conclusions, and I won't do that. But it's not too early to see signs that certain guys are going to make a strong bid for significant playing time in the upcoming season. It's not too soon to see which newcomers have the best chance to contribute. Heck, it's NEVER too soon to speculate on what may happen next with the Gator Football Team.   Full Story

Avery Atkins continues to impress...

Mark McLeod of, Apr 1, 2006
Florida's inexperienced offensive line -- both first and second team -- helped pave the way into the endzone against a veteran defensive front in goal line drills. This seemingly had to be an impressive April Fool's Day joke, but it wasn't. Markus Manson, Tim Tebow, Chris Leak, Nyan Boateng, and Chris Leak performed well in the scrimmage portion as the offense found their way to early paydirt.    Full Story

Jemalle Cornelius looked sharp today

Justin Riney of, Apr 1, 2006
Saturday's practice was loaded with excitement! Today marked the first day the Gators knocked the dust of their pads, and they were really taking out months of frustration on each other. GatorCountry was all over it, and there's plenty of things to be excited about as we wind down our first week of practice.   Full Story

Brandon Siler looks even bigger this year.

Bob Redman of, Apr 1, 2006
Today was the day the pads went on and the hitting increased a notch. Here is a close up and personal look at the Gators mashing heads near the goal line on Saturday morning. Nyan Boateng scored three times with short receptions and the Gator offense with Markus Manson scored on the second play.    Full Story

Gator Country Staff of, Apr 1, 2006
Today was the day the team finally donned their pads and engaged in some much needed hitting on the field. Here's photos from today's action from several photographers with more on the way for the biggest and most complete photo gallery anywhere!   Full Story

Boateng was great; scoring 3 touchdowns today

Justin Riney of, Apr 1, 2006
Trent Pupello is in town for the weekend to get a feel for what he has to look forward to the next four years. Trent's brother Kyle is already on site here in Gainesville this spring, and Trent spent the afternoon watching his brother go through the rigors of Gator football in the 90 degree heat. GatorCountry caught up with Trent for a few minutes after practice to see what he thinks of the offense and find out if he's still looking forward to coming to Gainesville.   Full Story

Trent Pupello looks bulked up already.

Bob Redman of, Apr 1, 2006
The Florida Gators had their second football pracice of the spring without pads on Friday afternoon. Gator Country was there to report all the latest and capture this video of the 7 on 7 drills. Cornelius Ingram was a standout on offense making a couple of special plays deep against the defense, while the linebackers wreaked havoc in the middle of the field during this passing drill.   Full Story

Bob Redman of, Mar 31, 2006
It was a pretty hot day out there Friday as the Gators went through their second football practice of the spring and their second without pads. Not being in pads makes for a pretty inconsequential practice for someone grading it without the help of video replay, but there were some depth chart moves and other various things to talk about.   Full Story

Reggie Nelson and Andre Caldwell go one on one

Justin Riney of, Mar 31, 2006
Redshirt freshman center Eddie Haupt missed the entire 2005 season with a back injury that required surgery. He's worked extra hard to rehab his back and now he's ready to become a solid contributor for the Florida Gators this spring. Eddie took a few moments to talk about his back and his goals for spring football.   Full Story

Eddie Haupt and Ronnie Wilson w/Hevesy

Mark McLeod of, Mar 31, 2006
For the second day the Gators worked extensively on punt blocking. Coach Urban Meyer is serious about addressing the need to make big plays on special teams and set the offense up with good field position.   Full Story

Jonathon Phillips practicing punts / RINEY

Justin Riney of, Mar 31, 2006
Today was the second day of practice under Year Two of the Meyer Era. There was plenty going on and we have literally over 70 photos for your viewing pleasure.   Full Story

Carl Johnson and Coach Mattison

Larry Vettel of, Mar 31, 2006
It doesn't seem like it can really be more than three years since Chris Leak looked at the cameras, said he was going to trust the people he believes in and would be playing college football at the University of Florida. Actually, when you think about it, Chris Leak has just over two and a half years on the UF campus. Still, Leak has had three productive seasons for the Gators, despite having a different offensive coordinator each of those years.   Full Story

Leak giving Tebow tidbits at practice / TIM CASEY

Franz Beard of, Mar 30, 2006
It is an amazing journey that has taken Dallas Baker from point A where he was pretty much a lost ball in the tall weeds to the point where he stands now, well on the way toward becoming a college graduate and fulfilling a lifetime dream of following in the footsteps of his uncle, Wes Chandler, to the National Football League. He's gone from an academic question mark to superb student, from underachiever to a dependable, explosive wide receiver and team leader.   Full Story


Bob Redman of, Mar 29, 2006
Wednesday was the first day for Florida football practice. The weather was great and the boys came ready to play. The passing game on offense and pass defense will be essential for the gators in 2006 and we have video of some of the drills at practice.   Full Story

Bob Redman of, Mar 29, 2006
The weather couldn't be better and a crowd of about 300 watched the Florida Gators first football practice for spring 2006. There were some new faces and some new bodies on old faces out there at practice. There were a couple that were expected to be there that weren't.    Full Story

Meyer coaching up McIntosh / CASEY

Mark McLeod of, Mar 29, 2006
A year ago Avery Atkins was taking classes as a senior at Daytona Beach Mainland. His first practice with Florida football team was last August. Fast forward to seven months later and you have Atkins returning as the Gators' most gifted cornerback.   Full Story

Avery Atkins

Franz Beard of, Mar 29, 2006
Just before the Florida Gators took the field Wednesday for their first spring practice, Coach Urban Meyer and his staff showed the team a videotape of the top 20 special teams plays from the 2005 football season. Meyer had a point to make to his team and the video did a great job of reinforcing what he's been preaching since he got to Florida --- games are won and lost with the kicking game.   Full Story

Caldwell looked great today / CASEY

Mark McLeod of, Mar 29, 2006
Tim Tebow exited the Gators Proving Grounds to an ovation from the small remaining crowd and took the time to sign autographs for several young children who were anticipating his eventual departure from the practice field with little football's in hand. The much anticipated arrival of Tim Tebow is now official.   Full Story

Tim Tebow finally in action on Gator turf / CASEY

Justin Riney of, Mar 29, 2006
One player who has everybody's eye this spring is former quarterback Cornelius Ingram, a rising sophomore who is making the switch from quarterback to tight end/H-back. Coach Urban Meyer says that Ingram has the potential to be a great player at Florida. Ingram took time to answer some questions from the media after the first day of spring practice Wednesday afternoon.   Full Story

Cornelius Ingram in action / GLENN DANFORTH

Tim Casey of, Mar 29, 2006
Ahhh... That time of the year has finally come... Spring practice for the Gator football team kicked off today and we have nearly 60 photos from today's action on the field for your viewing pleasure.   Full Story

Chris Leak was very sharp today / CASEY

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