SPRING: Day Six In-Depth Practice Report

It was Coaches clinic time and the first half of practice the team spent on the far field and out of a good viewing angle for those just watching practice. There was no video allowed today with the coaches in attendance and the players were in shorts and shoulder pads, which usually translates into a more offensive slanted view of the practice. Still, there were some good moments and offensively a few wrinkles I really liked.

Even without the pads on, the Gators were hyped enough to do some form of hitting and getting after each other. They had a pretty aggressive kick return drill without the pads on today. Players were smashing into each other on blocks. The only thing not allowed was tackling the ball carrier. Right now, Jemalle Cornelius and all his speed looks like the best kick returner out there.

Offensive Tidbits…

Wide receiver Dallas Baker missed most or all of the drills and Andre "Bubba" Caldwell took advantage of his absence and Leak's keying on him to have a big day. Leak, still hot from the rest of the spring, hit Bubba on a sweet hitch and go in one on one drills over Reggie Nelson. He did have a couple of low passes today but was still on most of the time.

One play that just worked beautiful was a 16 yard crossing pattern when a safety or linebacker trying to cover Bubba Caldwell. Leak hit the play three times to Caldwell who left his defender and got to the outside and could use his speed as he hit the sideline and leave everyone behind. The play looked indefendable today.

Caldwell looked great on another play as Leak completed a deep slant, almost a post pattern to Caldwell that would have gone a great distance. The ball was put there right in stride.

I didn't notice Dallas Baker today. He definitely didn't play in the team portion of the drills. In his absence, and the injury to Caldwell, Nyan Boateng and David Nelson got a lot of work with the first and performed well for the most part.

I think DeShawn Wynn is about to establish himself as the starter. He didn't do anything world beating today, but he continues to impress with speed and quickness. He was with the first unit all day. On a screen pass late in the practice, he caught the ball in the backfield and headed north. At full speed he shifted to the left and a defender totally missed him.

Bad pass from Leak during team drills, although it looked like Louis Murphy wasn't running the right route. Murphy also dropped an easy pass in the seven on seven drill.

Mike McIntosh dropped a pass from Leak that hit him in the hands. Boateng alligator armed a pass with no pads on, that shouldn't happen.

Tim Tebow can definitely make something out of nothing when his protection breaks down. He had several nice scrambles that got outside and up the field.

Jemalle Cornelius made a great catch of a ten yard slant falling down just before he was going to get leveled by Tony Joiner.

Ingram dropped an easy catch in the 7 on 7. A little while later, Ingram just wasted Ryan Stamper on a quick 10 yard slant and was off to the races.

Defensive Tidbits…

The defense continually forced dump passes and short passes. It looked like the quarterbacks looked long first, but the heat forced them to throw outlet passes and the short routes. I think all the quick passes was pissing off the defenders. Brandon Siler started getting into it with some offensive linemen. Right after that Marcus Thomas got to Leak and made him throw the ball behind Kenneth Tookes and on the ground.

Darryl Gresham got caught in no man's land when he was stuck trying to cover Cornelius Ingram. Ingram caught a little outlet pass and easily got up field with Gresham not able to keep up.

Earl Everett was back in a contact jersey today and practiced all day.

Brandon Siler sat out the 7 on 7 drill and Ryan Stamper was in his place at middle linebacker. Stamper stayed in there with the second unit getting all of the reps at the middle linebacker position for this particular drill.

Jemalle Cornelius played a little bit of cornerback in the one on one drill.

Heater was all over Tremaine McCollum about making a play on the ball. "Make the play, don't let him make the play, you make the play!!" Heater said. Later McCollum made a great dive in front of a Tebow pass intended for Ingram in the flat. The ball dropped to the ground when he deflected it.

Safety and walk on John Curtis was still working with first team at free safety with Kyle Jackson out and Reggie Nelson at nickel. Tony Joiner was at strong safety.

Dorian Munroe almost picked off a laser from Tim Tebow. Tebow jumped out of a collapsed pocket and ran to the right. He threw hard to Murphy in traffic, but on target. Munroe came out of nowhere to break it up.

Reggie Nelson had a rough day today. He got burned by Nyan Boateng in 7 on 7 drills a while later. The ball went about 45 yards in the air on a sweet spiral from Tim Tebow, Boateng was almost at full stride catching it. Caldwell burned Reggie Nelson with a deep ball from Tim Tebow. I think Nelson was beat about four times trying to cover deep. One has to wonder if the quarterback had more time than usual with it not being a contact day.

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