SPRING: Q and A with Brandon Siler

As the leader and backbone of Florida's defense, Brandon Siler has taken on the responsibility of motivating and preparing his fellow teammates...young and old. Brandon is a leader by example and is one of the most energetic players on the field. He's definitely become a crowd favorite this spring because of his passion for the game and inspiring presence. Gator Country spoke with Siler for a few minutes after practice on Friday to see what he thinks about Florida's defense thus far.

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JR: Brandon, how do you feel about the depth at the linebacker spot this year?

BS: Uh, we're probably going to need a little help. You know...you just hope we can stay healthy I guess. The starters need to stay healthy because...you know, you have people that are playing pretty good like D-Rob (Darryon Robinson) and you got people like Demps, who's hurt, and Stamper who's trying to get back into it. Um, really, I don't think we have a lot of depth right now.

JR: How is Earl doing?

BS: Earl's sweet. Earl's the most athletic linebacker on the team...I've always said that. He's the most athletic, and he's doing real good.

JR: How much help do you and Earl have to give with some of these younger guys?

BS: A lot! A whole bunch, because I mean, me and Earl...We're the only guys that have played on the field a legitimate amount of time. So we spend a lot of time with the guys and going over some of the stuff with the guys.

JR: When you went to Indianapolis, tell me a little bit about what it felt like to watch those guys win a National Championship...I bet it makes you pretty hungry.

BS: Oh yeah, it makes you very hungry. Being able to see what that basketball team did and the atmosphere there...yeah, it makes you real hungry. I'm definitely a lot more hungry now. Not that I wasn't hungry before, but if I could be more hungry than what I was, I am!

There's been a lot of talk about how Florida's defense will be exceptional this upcoming year, and how the performance of the offense will be the main focus. As Siler stated, there are a few issues with the depth on our defense if a starter goes down...in multiple areas. Gator fans and coaches will be keeping a very close eye on the injury situation this year; it could make or break the Gators this fall at many positions.

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