SPRING: Reggie Nelson Q and A

Reggie Nelson was a huge contribution to Florida's defense last season. He always seems to come up with a big play when the Gators need it most. This spring, Reggie only shows signs of improvement and continues to be a physical presence on the football field. After suffering a knee injury at the end of last season, Reggie's had a quick recovery and appears to be full strength.

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Gator Country got a chance to chat with Reggie this Saturday after the defense struggled a little towards the end of practice.

JR: Reggie you're looking good out there, how are you feeling?

RN: I'm feeling good. I'm hanging in there.

JR: The safety depth out there is looking really deep...

RN: Oh yeah, it's looking good. We need some cornerbacks and stuff, but other than that we're hangin' in there and stuff.

JR: Corner's pretty thin isn't it?

RN: Definitely.

JR: That's got to be a big concern for the defense then...

RN: Yes, sir. We're working though. We're hoping some of these freshmen coming in can get to learning everything pretty quick and try to help us out on the field.

JR: Do you think possibly in an emergency situation the staff might move you over to corner?

RN: Yeah, if it comes down to it, I'll move over to corner and help them out and do my job....help the team as best as I can to win.

JR: Is there anyone else in particular at safety that might be able to move over if necessary? You guys are pretty deep at safety...

RN: You know we're stacked at safety, and we've definitely got some serious athletes. We're not that worried. We've got some guys that can play out there and aren't as worried about who can move over and play corner. Other than that, we're good.

JR: What kind of goals are you looking to accomplish this spring?

RN: Get better. I can always get better. Get my knee right. Work everyday harder and harder until I get better...help the team out as best as I can.

JR: How is the knee feeling?

RN: It's feeling real good.

JR: So, bottom line, where is Reggie Nelson on the field this fall?

RN: Right now, they have me down as the strong safety and nickel. So...I'm doing good right now.

JR: You are playing some nickel then?

RN: Yes, sir.

Reggie Nelson is a playmaker for this defense, and there's no doubt about it, he'll be on the field a lot this fall for Florida. Reggie has a knack for knowing where the football is at all times. He would be great at nickel if Tony Joiner, Kyle Jackson or Terrence Holmes can run the safeties. Dorian Munroe is coming along real fast as well at safety. Look for Reggie to be a crucial contribution to Florida's defense wherever he may be on the field.

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